bateel dates uk

Bateel is world-renowned for delivering the finest culinary experiences, offering the finest gourmet dates, chocolates, butter cookies and gifting options. Bateel is known for producing the best dates in the world, having reinvented and elevated the product to a gourmet luxury offering. Rooted in Arabian culture and hospitality since 1936, Bateel enjoys an unparalleled legacy as the world’s only gourmet date … Wanan: A Bateel world exclusive, Wanan dates are mildly sweet with a taste like Khidri but having a softer texture. This world-favourite date variety has golden brown skin. We also offer delicious fresh pitted Nuts stuffed dates combinations from varieties like Mejdool dates, Sukkari and Ajwa Dates. Approximately 20-24 pieces per order (1/2 pound). Located in a prime position on the ground floor of the store in Selfridges Confectionery Hall, the boutique is Bateel’s second location in the UK … Innovation has always been at the heart of Bateel. Bateel is a world-class brand in the premium confectionery market, producing and distributing gourmet dates, chocolates and pastries through their elegant boutiques and cafes, from London to Riyadh and Jakarta. Kinnersley Kent Design has designed a new concession for Bateel, the gourmet food brand famous for its award-winning luxury dates, within the iconic department store Selfridges, London.. luxury hand-painted wooden gift boxes. Open … There is documented evidence of dates being eaten as far back as 6000 BC. Bateel dates and an exclusive complementary range of gourmet products such as origin date chocolate, date … Dates have been grown and harvested by mankind for many thousands of years. Of all the different types of dates… The products. Saudi-based gourmet date connoisseur Bateel has revealed plans to expand the farming side of the business into the international market. Set within the world-famous … A universe away from the company's headquarters in the heat and dust of Al Ghat in Saudi Arabia, the quiet and discreetly efficient shop is the flagship UK store for Bateel dates. Dates are best for those following healthy or … As the world's only date grower, producer and seller, Bateel … CEO Dr Ata Atmar told Arabian Business the … Bateel are cultivators of the world’s only gourmet dates packaged in. Buy Fresh Dates online. Bateel, the renowned and award-winning date producer, opened its second store in the United Kingdom on September 29, as part of its expansion programme beyond the GCC. About Bateel. Kholas: The toffee flavoured Kholas dates are full of moisture offering a juicy bite. Our premium quality gourmet dates are grown on Bateel's own farms using traditional farming methods and are hand-picked at the perfect time of maturity Dates …

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