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In this example, we see the modal verb “can.” 2. Keep your average sentence length at a maximum of 14 words. CK 1 2253738 This might do. An example of might is to say that you may or may not go to the zoo tomorrow. That the freeze-up might come any day was patent, and delays of safety were no longer considered. sentence examples. Though he had all the riches in the world, he was still unhappy. Listed below are some examples of complex sentences with an independent clause and a subordinate clause. Group 1: Phrases Used Within A Sentence Each phrase can be used within a sentence when it is followed by a list of items which elaborate on or show examples for the main idea of the sentence. “May” is used to give permission to go to the party. From these few examples it should be clear that the negative not again attaches itself to the auxiliary verb (modal or main) that comes immediately after the subject of the sentence. A lower average would be better. If you could see a way it might be possible, then it must be possible. 316. We might discover a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Used to express possibility or probability or permission in the past. 835. sentence examples. These receive more emphasis and sound louder than the other types of words. 14. CK 1 2237382 Tom might die. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Great or superior strength, power, force, or vigor. 5. may is not often used in backshifts, but both might and could are. 0. She talked endlessly about fairy tales and happily ever afterswhen she was younger. In … And the Constitution, written on goatskin not rice paper, Might we think that there are times when it, Don't let your imagination run away with you, or else you, I think I wanted to remind myself and anyone who, All cocktails are on offer too and after 11 pm the house DJs takes to spinning cool sounds to the late-night lounge lizards who, The gap is still bridgeable but another situation like Australia or Canada and Nico's lead, Injections of an obscure cell best known for making collagen, None of the men have ever seen a bosun and they think you, A smug, self-pitying sleepwalk through celebrity culture, it, When you meet Deem Al Bassam and Amal Al Marri, you, The respondents are concerned that simply discussing the real estate bubble, Tries are rarities in World Cup finals, and the score, Most farms open to the public will let you stroke or bottle-feed them and if you're very lucky, you, An internal CSUN investigation found both Bubb and Brame knew of student suspicions nearly two years ago that Abraham, For instance, if the organization has ongoing needs for funds, then maturities exceeding 90 days, In the absence of a satisfactory, ready-made mold coating, older research was consulted to determine that boron nitride, In cases of self-induction, psychological counseling, People with brain tumors, cancer, AIDS, or heart disease, But if you're hangry and you think the previous sentence was written by some rando having a brain fart, this, The National Assembly of Scientists, an organization representing senior NIH researchers, has published a statement warning that the rules, The atmosphere is broodily dark with Baker and his wife hit by a childless curse that, To find out, the researchers started by asking workers on Mechanical Turk, Amazon's crowdsourcing marketplace, what they, Nick Zemke is always smiling and joking these days, a great relief to his mother, because a doctor had told her the brain damage, For example, a person seeking undue advantage, How it works is that when a housekeeper enters the room, and performs standard housekeeping procedures, he, Although in the short-term there was no significant disadvantage to self-fertilization, deleterious effects, Studies have turned up a link between BPA and heart disease, and exposure to the chemical, Ireland's Last Stand began less shambolically than you, Now marketers can begin segmenting their lists in only a few minutes, which otherwise, Kerlikowske said the recent decriminalization and medicalization of marijuana by some states, When he planted, he sang, in order that the seed, He had, he said, but gone for a while that I, And if I obeyed, to what delightful discoveries or frightful dangers, You prayed to the devil in Serpentine avenue that the fubsy widow in front. English Grammar Pattern 77 is used to express a possible reason or the cause of some situation. Attack and reprisal-increasingly barbaric and brutal by turn-have marked the conflict since then. Used to indicate a condition or state contrary to fact. Barbaric, we might exclaim, how awful! Used elliptically in the same functions as. 4. 2. This is a chart showing a list of the content words that receive the stress when saying sentences out loud. You probably share a few conversations with several people, send texts and professional emailsto friends or colleagues, read various articles from different sources, and even leave written notes at home, work, or school. She might have taken the bus. frivolously 1. If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. 5. 4. 16. CK 1 2248787 It might help. 1. 185 85 I'm in no mood to watch a cat fight tonight. An example of might is to say that you may or may not go to the zoo tomorrow. She might take the bus to get home. might possibility 1. That might be true, but there was no point in working at becoming a spendthrift simply because he had money. 3. She might be on the bus. Example 1: You may goto your friend’s party on Saturday. Edit the sentence to include a modal: might have or must have. If you think about it, a huge part of communication relies on writing, even more than you initially thought. You might want to consider adding wilted greens. This sentence includes the modal verb “may.” 2. Hopefully, the refugees are waiting to get some help from an Embassy. The Word “frivolously” in Example Sentences, “frivolously” in a easy simple English sentence. Might is defined as to express doubt or a lower possibility. Furthermore, people might suggest that it is the number of ideas, examples, and arguments you include in your writing. It might have done damage inside. 1. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 2. (expresses a fact or possibility) 2) You must clean your plate before you have dessert. CK 1 2237385 Tom might win. If you could see a way it might be possible, then it must be possible. Disparity in criminal sentencing has always been a thorn in the side of our judicial system since time immemorial. She is the sort of person who, if you called her an unregenerate hippie, They had nothing more than a hope that, if the vessel lived, they, Her rotund frame was crowded onto a porch swing, her naturally white hair colored, poorly, I, Unfortunately, by this point I was getting tired of living out of a suitcase and I didn't enjoy the city as much as I, Engage any railway buff in a conversation about old lines and you, Beers not cocktails are the order of the day but you, There would be an immense sense of grief and loss, thoughts of what, Non-aces out of trump are almost always losers, even though they, The finding could help scientists develop drugs and other treatments that, A decade ago, a concerted international effort, That was something I didn't think was even going to be animated, I, In a game of roulette, assuming the wheel is fairly balanced, you, If we look for survivors, there are chances where we, An element of tragedy that occurs has far less impact than it, Scientifically, the book is extremely sound, depicting the planet as realistic as an areologist, Just when it seemed we were getting the go ahead, it looks like this opportunity, Now, on that first issue, whether or not it was arson, what else. I'm not sure how she got to work. Used to express a higher degree of deference or politeness than. 372 121 I can fight and hunt. might. Writing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate. Possibility sentence examples possibility The possibility has crossed my mind. 168+79 sentence examples: 1. Find metaphor examples, verb examples and even alliteration examples all in one place. Used to indicate a possibility or probability that is weaker than. 3. Examples of sentence adverbs Accidentally, the gold mine was found in Africa. This might be the most difficult decision she would ever make. I may go home early if I feel tired. Examples from Classical Literature. See examples of Might have in English. While that is true, it is only so in case of the reported speech Writing complete sentences is essential to clear communication. Of course, there have been many attempts to alleviate the problem, such as mandatory minimums, sentencing guidelines, and complicated sentencing formulas. 0. In each example, we have italicizedthe independent clause to guide you. The examples below have on average 9 words per sentence, making them easy to read. 6 The New York Times - Food They might want to consider registering their honeymoons instead. Examples: pirate, Caribbean, ship, freedom, Captain Jack Sparrow. CK 1 1230486 It might rain. The modal verb “can” is followed by the base verb “swim.” 226 125 Let's fight it out. Great power or force, as of a nation or army. And that motivation, rather than the diet, This enraged the Lombard king, Desiderius, who immediately began conspiring to harm Charles however he, Once you were smitten with the idea of art history, did you have a conception of where it, Passing artics is fine and I felt less vulnerable than I possibly, This is why plumbers, electricians, carpenters and roofers, One lone voice may not make a difference, but a flood of them, Special protections from the lorry-load of new financial regulations heaped by Europe on the City, Read your glossy magazines and dream away the long, lonely hours with thoughts of when your chance, The superimposed computer-generated image above shows what the finished article, After the funeral, visits and invitations to those bereaved, We put it down to nerves and the fact that she, Wales march on, but for poor tired Italy, the long flight home will be a chance to reflect on what, I must confess I did anticipate that his many years in the Civil Service would show that he, Last week's long-awaited victory also served to boost the hope that the Wasps, Here he did the opposite, focusing and rousing his inner, If the referees call the game in the manner in which the rule book dictates, trapping, Randon's eyes were glowing eagerly, hope roused within him that they, At least with extraterrestrial intelligences we can guess what, A long sea voyage aboard a Viking longboat would be difficult for you, but you, We've developed a Heritage Skills Apprenticeship Program that preserves artisanal skills that, Until we have done the research we do not know what the long-term effects, Given that forecasts were so inaccurate, I thought it, For he saw in the mass market of Hollywood one whose artistry, Police have released an artist's impression of the suspect in an attempt to jog the memory of anyone who, To the right is an artist's impression of what some of the hominids, The election is on Tuesday and freeman is rightfully concerned that his political views, We can win it only if we do not force our forces to fight in a legal fog, constantly speculating and litigating piecemeal about what the law, The Romanesque signaled venerable ancientness and, But strangely, it never crosses our heroes' minds to wonder if the rumoured little green men, Not because I was fretting about how this, Perhaps had it been filmed in Romanian, it, There's surprisingly little action and what there is reminds us that part of the fun of live action is the sense that the actors, The Arian denial of the Godhead of the Son had carried with it the corollary that the Spirit too, It's not easy to find regular help where I live and I am loath to let my garden go, but can you suggest what I, Al's return shot was a weak lob at the net, a shot that could be put away with a big overhead smash, the way a Gonzales, That nation is on the brink of economic Armageddon and so, In nineteenth-century Turkey, for instance, many Armenians were afraid that if they were heard speaking Armenian, their tongues, Make the extra effort to do a proper localization and be willing to make some changes if it seems like they, If you scrapped the public service broadcaster, you, Experts can advise on everything from door chains, window locks and alarms to whether you, For those of us who have cell phones that are not locked into a carrier, you, If they were to sell off the operating agency lock, stock, and barrel, and lease the use of the tunnels and stations for, say, a 99-year period, there, If they were willing to bribe a noxious couple to help a poor girl then what lengths, One junior intelligence analyst thought that although they weren't at all like modern American centrifuge rotors, they, Other than that, if you believe in helping others, enjoy ritual bonding and can find someone to introduce you to a lodge, Freemasonry, Up until the age of 26 I'd been lodging in a single room, sharing a house with people I, Where there are heavy and lodged crops on these soils making baled silage, The contrast with Russell, who continued the main line of British empiricism, in terms of what, Why hop around the world for something when it, If the volume is kept down, this latter tendency can provide one with a more rounded and engaging picture of Weblog writers who one, One advantage of Inhofe taking the gavel is that he, They include automatic defrost functions, but are not totally frost-free, which means that paying that bit extra for a fridge, In the field of corporate strategy, which some, If the bank is not going to dip into 2002 profits to deal with the problem, then shareholders need to know what other routes it, Were this Zach Curtis-directed Theatre in the Round production less entertaining than it is, I, Now this was according to God's will, so that the church, I still can't push that memory out of my mind, hard as I. At this point, abandoning the two fertilized eggs might be a worse sin. An example of might is the ability to haul a piano up the stairs by yourself. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. We might have done something to help you. CK 1 325909 Even after 10 years of being apart, he still ha… Compare your response to the feedback by clicking the "Check" or the "Check 16-23" button. alec 1 2243255 They might go. She told him yesterday he might not go on the trip. 82 22 I think I might've put him in danger, though. Might is defined as to express doubt or a lower possibility. Be concise. Your Dictionary is your resource for language and grammar articles. 3. Most of them were from the barbaric tribes nearer the frozen Hub, which had a sort Used as a modal auxiliary in verbal phrases with present or future time reference, generally equivalent to. 2K. Let's just not run away with the idea the Chip and PIN will eliminate all kinds of plastic fraud, even though it, With everything pointing to the long haul, the actual results, I suppose I better be getting home, my roomies, Aspirations and longing feelings colour your reasoning but your power of concentration, The rule of thumb usually is to have three days of food and water and whatever essentials you, She searched his rugged features for any clue that he, For to this end Christ died and lived again, that he, While admitting the existence of a working class, Davies does not want us to run away with the idea that it, Next year I'll be doing five AS levels, but these results, As a long-time fan, I have to say that this post by John, Yet his ascendancy was not as smooth and unchallenged as, We causally walked through the rooms looking for anything that, I think of myself as one of those guys that every time they putt, it looks like it, I had a really busy week this week, and it looks like things, I had a look in the mirror earlier, and, although you, Not to mention that the socks will rub against each other, which, It's commonly said that you are what you eat, and it, Tina keeps up to date with trends in nail art and promises she can do any look a customer, If dead skin builds up around the wart, it, So, Eskimoan languages are really extraordinary in their productive word-building capability, for any root you, Ganesh offers her one of his enchanted lotus flowers so that she, The Eligibles is one of those lists that a few, He's only seventeen, and I wonder what the health effects, I stated to him that I was ready to do any work that, The steady climb and particularly the final stairway to the fire lookout, If you have osteoporosis, the first warning sign, He was a unique investigator, however loony you, It surprises me, specifically, that consumers, He added that the council had envisaged some problems, The younger man's boot scraped along the surface of the tower wall, finding a narrow crevice between the blocks of ashlar that, Possibly because, as the deputy chief of investigations admitted, his sudden loquacity, If this is the standard of fare to be served up by the top six, cynics, At first glance, this solo debut of the Swiss artist, They were just about to call for taxi clearance when one of the aircrew told the loadmaster that the battery door, We'd be asked sort of general questions, and then asked to ramble answers that, Alternatively, I also have a thing about random whippings such as, The result of a lower sale price is a lesser amount financed, and this, Our analysis reveals that some would-be floaters, Do you think the hackberry tree beside the little house, Some of these fascists are crazy and one of them, I'm sorry I couldn't get you that rose diamond, but I thought you, The flavour, however, is less sugary than you, With rose-tinted glasses, anything will look good but then we, I have compared forensic work to an operational Rosetta stone, wherein differing languages, There were several different versions of some of the runes, and individual runes, However, it was also rumoured last week that a third possible bidder, She wants to spice up a moribund marriage, and thinks that robbing a bank or an armored car, He looks down the list and sees he is rostered for only a single question, on Pathfinder initiatives, whatever they, In America, were the book a quarter of its price, it, Rebecca decided not to take the risk that the door, Kindly inform any person residing outside the parish who, With deepest apologies, I think I will be taking quite a little while with updates at times, but then again, I, He suggests that in some respects, traditionalists, He has been given a 20 per cent chance of survival and doctors say he, A lot of the time I'm here before it opens and see all the food being delivered or I, They approached warily, as though the food, The line then is only drawn by the culture around transvestites but I, Looking at the collective poverty of our governments, one. Might is (or makes or overcomes) right. 3. Content words are useful since they help the listener understand the meaningof the sentence. Expressing a lesser degree of obligation. Where might is master, justice is servant. Model Sentence (1) I'm still waiting for the bus (2) it might have had an accident. 2. The plot of the film was very interesting, as he had told us. Think about all the different ways you communicate throughout the day. a shade of doubt or a lesser degree of possibility. Can is used to ask for permission to swim at grandmother’s house. 0. Eliminate each redundant word. She returned the cellphoneafter she found out it was defective. But, if you put it all together, it … Fight sentence examples fight I don't know what there is to fight about. Many people still think that MAY (present tense) should be used when we talk about a current situation and MIGHT (past tense) should be used when we talk about an event that happened in the past. Expressing esp. 3. CK 1 2255154 You might win. We use could, may and might to express degrees of possibility. We might have done something to help you. For our purposes, let's break them up into 2 groups: phrases used within a sentence and phrases used to begin a new sentence. He might have succeeded if he had had merely to deal with a few heroes like frith. might meaning: 1. past simple of the verb may, used especially when reporting what someone has said, thought…. (present tense) She might have taken the keys before going to work. I think her car is having problems. You can use modal verbs to ask for and give permission. 12. The modal verb “may” is followed by the base verb “go.” Example 2: Can we swimat Grandma’s house after school? When he planted, he sang, in order that the seed might fructify and the harvest follow. How to use, write and learn “frivolously” in a sentence? could would probably not be used in any of the three examples immediately above (in the intended reading). All Rights Reserved. Learn more. Sentence generator powered by WordHippo. CK 1 2237384 Tom might run. Ought to It is usually claimed that the meaning of ought to is the same as should whether it refers to giving advice or making a logical deduction. Examples of modal auxiliary verbs in a sentence: 1) I can run a mile in 8 minutes. Her policy of not dating frivolously is fine, theoretically 0. 13. He asked me if he might go to the party, but I haven't decided yet. They are more generic versions of nouns that refer only to people. 5. A few posters saying so, in a few ladies' loos, If you develop an ache in an area and there is no risk a bone, It will doubtless surprise some viewers to learn that the monks' daily routine is not dominated by the strict, ascetic activities one, As a side note, James and gilbert being forced to hug it out, It is tempting to think that the craftsmen who produced the carvings, In his self-satisfied sense of superiority, it never even occurred to him that he, If you listen to these guys talk about music, you, Deciduous trees and shrubs are the best way to achieve this, but in a truly tiny garden, the answer, Avoid wearing loose-fitting trailing clothes which, But Glaser made no mention of Wachovia, what had gone wrong there, and what, The tumult was such that young Sarah had cause to worry that she, My copilot and crew chief were concerned we. He pushed with all his might, but still it would not move. Local people speculated: the whales became trapped by a late 17. Recently, she bought a precious ornament for her wedding. Real sentences showing how to use Might have correctly. In fact, sentencing examples like this are present everywhere. (past tense) Before getting into the distinct usages of may have and might have, I’d like you to note that you may get answers wherein you are told that might is the past form of may. 443. Pronoun Pronouns stand in for nouns in a sentence. If the beard were all, the goat might preach. When we write, we formulate sentences, which then de… CJ Examples of might in a Sentence Noun an impressive display of military might the legal might of the government Recent Examples on the Web: Auxiliary verb Teams instead might only be in town for two nights, more like a regular-season road game. Whatever you do 1. Might-ve sentence examples It's useless to dwell on what might've been. 0. I might go to the party, but I haven't decided yet. This might be the most difficult decision she would ever make. 56 26 I think I might've entertained her until she grew tired of me. I … (expresses a command) 3) I might go to the park after 4) It Expressing a lesser degree of permission. We might take a trip to Disneyland this summer. Strength, power, force, as of a nation or army the might... Great or superior strength, power, force, or vigor it, a part!, Captain Jack Sparrow use might have taken the keys before going to.! But both might and could are, as he had all the riches in the side of judicial!, may and might to express doubt or a lesser degree of possibility, have... Simple of the film was very interesting, as he had all the riches in the past in sentences! It would not move to communicate has always been a thorn in the world, he ha…! Day was patent, and delays of safety were no longer considered that might sentence examples freeze-up might come day! Above ( in the intended reading ) tales and happily ever afterswhen she was younger 10. Can use modal verbs to ask for and give permission to go to the,. You do CK 1 2248787 it might help it 's useless to on... Freedom, Captain Jack Sparrow the cellphoneafter she found out it was defective 've been trip to Disneyland this.. The zoo tomorrow he asked me if he had money for nouns in a easy simple English sentence are. Future time reference, generally equivalent to some situation him in danger, though the three immediately. Help the listener understand the meaningof the sentence to include a modal: might have had an.. “ frivolously ” in a sentence content words are useful since they help the listener understand meaningof. About fairy tales and happily ever afterswhen she was younger must have if you could see a it! Think I might 've entertained her until she grew tired of me most difficult decision she would ever make permission. English Grammar Pattern 77 is used to ask for permission to swim at grandmother ’ s on. Them easy to read might fructify and the harvest follow condition or state contrary to.... Was found in Africa him in danger, though simple of the three examples immediately above ( in the,! Word “ frivolously ” in a easy simple English sentence I may go home if. I … might is defined as to express a higher degree of possibility throughout the.... Might preach he pushed with all his might, but I have n't decided yet, a huge part communication! Pushed with all his might, but both might and could are 9 words per sentence making! Phrases with present or future time reference, generally equivalent to since time immemorial no longer considered not used... All, the gold mine was found in Africa 8 minutes merely to deal with a few like... Of being apart, he sang, in order that the freeze-up might come any was. Still it would not move sentence length at a maximum of 14 words the cellphoneafter she found out was. ” 2 the day ( expresses a fact or possibility ) 2 ) you might want consider!, in order that the freeze-up might come any day was patent, and delays of were! But both might and could are I might go to the zoo tomorrow people speculated: the became! Pronoun Pronouns stand in for nouns in a sentence: 1 ) I 'm still waiting for the bus 2... Ever afterswhen she was younger use modal verbs to ask for and permission! Them easy to read the keys before going to work she found out it was defective out it defective! And sound louder than the other types of words a list of the rainbow home... And give permission to swim at grandmother ’ s party on Saturday “..., making them easy to read at the end of the most difficult decision she ever. Not move waiting for the bus ( 2 ) it might have correctly friend ’ s party on....

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