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Add a chance to inflict Freeze while using Cart Termination. /thx. (Sube primero los estados en amarillo). Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. very good guide, but you forget something, the hurrycane fury has a 10% reduction of damage taken for medium size monster, it is not a 40%, but the hurrycane fury still being a good option. I’d like that +20 ATK. ?lol…if u ask me….i said 50 at dex…, u just most stun some one…then u can make high hits…. Bottom row Skills If your lucky you can get to him before SBK delay is over and CT him once or twice n hope for stun to kick in. Ninja Vs Whitesmith – Just get close and the fight should be over since afaik CT ignores their evasion skill (cant remember its name xD) Sight if they hide. If you cant afford a Excalibur, Fortune sword also gives a decent luk bonus of +5. You should b able to tank 3+ SB’s anyway so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. 7. you do not need a skill build since we have 255 skill points. CT stuns. It varies a lot. ugh…this thing hates meh…you guys get the point T_______T…rate it xD, i would personally suggest using a Double diligent +7 thin blade for those who can’t afford CK or Quad Dili orcish axe, it gives more attack than a +8 DD Morning star and offers +10% aspd and has a chance to curse.. Great any-usage weapon. At this point you should probably start questing, its easy exp and is usually pretty fast if you’ve done them before. Excuse my noobness, but which card has the prefix diligent? Note: Cart Termination is NOT increased by % dmg increasing cards (example: Drainliar, Orc skel, Hydra, etc) only attack increasing cards like Zipper bear and Andre. If you are unable to obtain items such as valk armor, Horn of Buffalo and Combat Knife there are other alternatives including the following. because in some servers, one who strikes first wins. very useful when spider webbed, 2. ... Setelah itu, lo perlu memaksimalkan skill Cart Termination. Magnum brake helps alot (brake/status on crowd). But take care though, BB is deadlier then DS. You could also completely ignore these places and leech your char most of the way at thor with a sniper or TKM. How much atkspd do i need to be a pvp WS. I just want to share some battle strategies, I am using/switching some other equips: Thx ^^, Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, Leveling, PvP, WoE. Sight Rosary (for Mdef), your MS vs unit in safety wall: *** hey i remembered you also carry v shield with Munak card to ankle break their stone curse and also CK Good luck. CK is prefered for survivability, HF for pure brute offense. If you don’t have these, bloody axe with endow or 2 handed fire axe with 120 str also does the trick. Forging Elemental Weapons: Lots people pay money to have elemental weapons. SP 693, btw I really appreciate this guide thanks Yujj it really helps specially the “CK is prefered for survivability, HF for pure brute offense.”. - posted in Whitesmith: So this is my first time using a whitesmith.~ I am really keen in making a CT white smith though I am not entirely sure of the build. \”You will definately tank a Sonic Blow with elemental resistance while wearing an HF. While in PvM you will most likely be using a multipurpose CT weapon anyways such as +7-+10 Quad Diligent Orcish axe, so you won’t need link. Speed pot through to the wiz line then use cart revo with a status wep to help break down the precast. Chances are their cast will be quite fast but still try to hide dodge if you got good reflexes. Using these gears above, you can hit 178 luk and 161 dex. what is the status of white smith(battle type)? +7 FB, +6 immune wool scarf, +7 tidal shoes of wanderer, evil wing ears, romantic leaf(looks cool), vesper core 02, and H O B with either smokie, aligator, or something else….not sure what to put in it >_1 hit or .1 aspd that doesnt count xD….so is it alright? High Priest Vs Whitesmith – Another fight you want to avoid. seriously i just know if CT can deal good damage with combat knife[CK].. Skill effect and description of the skill Cart Termination in the mmorpg Ragnarok Online. If they are SB build your chances are higher. then the final strike / acid demo / cart termination / spiral pierce not working in weapon like thanatos card and the acid demo not working in cards like thanatos card too but the other skill working in thanatos card my server is done and i need the exact formula of thanatos def1 def2 in pre renewal same goes for knights (if they don’t zerk), priests, profs (w/out SW) or pretty much any build based on vit / insane overups. If they’re using heat to suck your sp you’ll need some sp recovery items. i am using 2 elemental armors to reduce or evade their spells: CK is the best weapon, even if you don’t have soul link. Then when you're comfortable, you can switch over to the Money Making build. Is it really fine w/o those buffs and relying soley in atkspd of dagger suck as CK. cloak get close say “surprise !” then spam.. Also Errende Ebecee has been fixed so it only activates pneuma upon a normal attack, skills don’t activate it. anyone with mjol build? Eat their bolt strategy If they still manage to SW again, Cart Revolution again then spam, your MS vs professor >>(man, I really hate these guys) Incarnation card = ignores normal monster’s defence when attacking. If they decide to stay in a safety wall, keep CTing them because the stun effect still goes through. Lvl 1-30: First 10 lvls will be the easiest of your RO life. Has a nice 130 str with 185 aspd and decent HP. This build also includes +3 dex food and box of gloom which aren’t to hard to come across. A few authoritative badges may come in handy as well. Paladin Vs Whitesmith – Probably something you want to avoid. like Kung Fu rules thx, I like to sue a +10 gigantic axe instead of a +10 hurricane 52 Gold Medals for 5 cart revo runes. just sharing my build of my Mastersmith, Thought out most of woe, wear your combat knife as your primary weapon. You can always swap in ice pick if you know the person has high vit. Beware of Desperado, it’s a pretty insane killing machine. Although you will constantly need link to keep up Advanced adrenaline rush, in most decent woe guilds, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. High Vit builds focus MvP and PvP/WoE play. armor = +10 excalibur armor ( marse for wizard or tgk), That’s not a build it’s just your equipment…; And it’s impossible to acquire in most servers…. all,i have a question. Panduan Build Job Whitesmith di Ragnarok M: Eternal Love By Satya Darma / 25 November 2018 *Panduan ini enggak saklek mesti lo ikutin. I’m just speaking from what I’ve seen on my server. @allankllan , May I know what set are you using with that Stat? have a linker on other account too (dual client). very good guide.. (Thx once again to Skanna for this suggestion ^^). High Speed Cart Ram (HSCR) can only be casted during the Cart Boost status initiated through the Cart Boost skill. It’s basically an hydra card for all races. Giant Axe [3] - Cart Termination damage +15%. The Builds The Recommendation… hope u can give me more advice for my WS.. Uses the power of Zeny to strike a single enemy with your cart. (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended), Lv1: 600z, Lv2: 700z, Lv3: 800z, Lv4: 900z, Lv5: 1000z, Lv6: 1100z, Lv7: 1200z, Lv8: 1300z, Lv9: 1400z, Lv10: 1500z, Bare hands, Dagger, One-handed Sword, Two-handed Sword, One-handed Spear, Two-handed Spear, One-handed Axe, Two-handed Axe, Mace, , One-handed Staff, Knuckle, Musical Instrument, Whip, Book, Katar, Revolver, Rifle, Gatling Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Fuuma Shuriken. The Whitesmith also specializes in manipulating fire and using various weapons in battle. [URL=][IMG]http://im[/IMG][/URL] HF is definately a good option for WS though personally, I prefer WS more as a tank. that because im using it. Remember to round your str to groups of 10. An HF will never be able to reach the damage of a CK on any geared character. Once you have your BM down pat you’ll be a formidable opponent. I usually stay here to about 25-30. Cart Termination; Throw Tomahawk Things you should be carrying on you include Mastela or whites, RJ or blue pots since keeping up WS buffs and CT consumes your sp quite fast, a few green pots if you aren’t carrying RJ. I know the valk armor is probably going a bit over board, but hey if you really wanna slot a baby leopard card into valk armor, go ahead XD. Early stages you'll want to be a Battlesmith (BS) to be able to level up and train. There isn’t much you can do if they keep using decrease agi n stay in a SW. Once your merchant, head to Payon dungeon. Also contain Type, Target, Range, sp/hp cost, skill requirement and everything you need to know about Cart Termination. If you happen to have a Hurricane’s fury, it’s a nice weapon to use since you will only need 80 str, endow and power maximise to OHKO. All around good guide even for it being 4ish years old. Edit: Tweeked build to have more dex (thx Glenn) and included a few things I missed. However, this assumes you are playing at 0 ping. for headgears = +10 ugpgrade lord white kaho (seyren windsor card) +10 blue eyes ( seyren windsor) 80 at dex? I’d personally say use a HF and switch to ck/thara for sinx only. An HF will never be able to reach the damage of a CK on any geared character. if you were fighting an enemy with high vit it is really good to use a CK however if your fighting with a sniper you’ll just waste your damage with CK your max damage is ~ 2k-3k with HF it will reach 5k.. based on my experience. Hard to get close to but once you do, they go down pretty fast. Anyone who uses flee for WoE is stupid, 40 is enough. This is my first guide so if theres any pro WS’s out there, please comment on anything else I missed. CK ignores defense so high vit characters will get hit for insane amounts of damage while characters with little vit will simply get stunned and die anyways. that’s CT! Agi SinX area a little harder to hit but chances are they’ll stun pretty quickly. Vit – 97 just use your talent when equipping these stuffs (right instinct = good ankle breaker /omg!) The most comfortable choice is 183 with Bison … If he stuns keep killing him. There is a chance to stun the enemy, and damage is dependent on the cart's weight. Hunt or buy ingredients and forge away! Cart Termination Whitesmith Perhaps the most popular build amongst whitesmiths because of their ability to inflict massively high damage in a short amount of time. These guys are your worst nightmare. Moving on. Use cursed water for shadow ele attack. Cart Termination: This is the bread-and-butter skill of Whitesmith. I’m not going to tell you exactly where to put every item in your BM because really it’s up to you on what your use to. CT can be elemental. Cart Build Whitesmiths are one of the superpowers in the world of ragnarok mobile as they can deal damage that can 1 shot an opponent. I love this guide With dex 49,it is enough to hit higher agi sinx? Do the merchant quest (you need some zeny so sell your loot). Here’s a quick summary of what I know anyways. CT can be elemental. if you have Maya card, great! Another option is ants at Anthell or even mobbing wolves 2 maps south of payon with cart revo (Thx to Skanna for this suggestion ^^). This is the cheapest way to fill your cart weight as far as I know. \”This is incorrect. Now they should be close enough for you to CT. one map west of the map outside of Orc Dungeon, A Comprehensive Guide to the Creator Class, Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide, Only class that has the ability to upgrade weapons with an extra 10% success chance (At 70 job), Unable to mvp as well as other classes, but still very capable, Spends extra money on spamming CT and using maximum over thrust, Levelling is usually very long and tedious if you’re soloing all the way to 99, Reduces chance of being stunned, and reduces the time of how long you get stunned for, Reduces chance of some status effects (sleep iirc), Slightly increases ASPD (Not as much as Agility), Slightly decreases chance of status effects, +7-+10 Quad Diligent Orcish Axe, +8-+10 Double Diligent Morning Star, +7-+10 Diligent War Axe, +7-+10 Triple Diligent Mes (Downside of mes is you’ll need to keep up wep perfection and need link for it to be effective), Full information on Merchant skills can be found by clicking, Full information on BlackSmith Skills can be found by clicking, Full information on WhiteSmith Skills can be found by clicking. for my opinion, i think ws needs str=99,dex=50,vit=50,agi=50 and use a giant axe to enchant ct’s dmg by 15%. Though an HF will give much more atk, the damage is still vastly reduced by Physical Defence. When rushing a precast you can try normal attacking the clown/gypsy in a duet (usually lokis) at the entrance with meltdown on to break their wep and stop the song. If you have the incantation to waste and resources to make a +9 ~ +10 Orcish with 3 zipper bears, go ahead? You will definately tank a Sonic Blow with elemental resistance while wearing an HF. If you they link it will make your job much harder since they can bragi themselves to spam AV/Tarot faster (coma card hurts :<). play /bm mode is the best..can keep att n change armor.. ps:with paladin devotion..i can owned pvp room half n hour.. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. I’ll now give a quick run down on how to deal with each class in pvp. 10% Long Range resistance. hmm.. if i’m a whitesmith i wont bother adding status cards on my weapon. and since you have insane amounts of vit, uhh, lolwut? Spend an amount of Zeny determined by skill level to smash a Pushcart into an enemy, causing damage and possibly inflicting the Stun status. If they are a pure FA build the fight is probably a bit harder since breaking their wep wont make much difference and they most likely have more vit. Then continue onto Payon dun like before. Cart Termination merupakan skill serang yang sangat kuat jika dibantu dengan Rune Cart. The aspd of CT is capped at 186. If you’re planning on using BS buffs, you can drop your str to 110. FBH do not work for cart termination, but you insist on using them. Cart Termination can miss based on the player's hit and the target's flee. icepick = pwnd. Most likely they will dec agi you, run a bit then bolt you and repeat. you may want to put those accessory cards on a rosary and perma on your hob. i have talk to someone in my server and she said that 22 dex will do. Aster: 30% daño a shell fishes; Atk + 5 . La página y foro más completo sobre el RO: guias, base de datos, builds, character y skill simulator, quests.. This is also a good preparation for the Cart Termination skill. On a 5x drop server you should be making 1-2m per 30 mins. Iam noob and never tested it so dont blame me if its not good just trying to help. until i get bored…hahaha…, 4ku-T4k-P3l4x-L4 wow nice damage what stat and equip are you using please teach me. Cart Termination - iRO Name: High Speed Cart Ram: Activo: Descripción: Target [Requirement] Merchant's Mammonite Lv.10; Master Smith's Hammer Fall Lv.5, Cart Boost Lv.1. Meltdown no longer stacks with Toma so that strategy no longer works. Part 3: Maximizing Your Cart Weight. If your unable to get close to them, hide and wait for them to come close to use IC or sight. One on One you can get away with chasing with thara and switching into HF before the CT is used but in WoE, your survivability is cut drastically by the lack of a thara. I expect Combat Knife can only be used to defend.. Hide Rosary (for Mdef) and please give me perfect status for WS..? is it true?? Champion Vs Whitesmith – Sometimes a tough fight if the champ knows what to do. can i have url adress for RO calculator? Triple Dili Penetration Orcish Axe would do more damage than a CK but I would say it’s a waste of a MvP card and I would use CK anyways so I didn’t have to pot back the 666 every 10 seconds as well as the 10% demihuman redux. If they’re DS build, they shouldn’t be able to deal much damage while you’re geared. No changes will be saved. Zipper Bear Card sir.. (atk +30) If they’re SC build your chances of winning are probably high, but still, these guys are tanks. @allanllan : Good Prof as the guide state, will just sit in their SW and wait till you give up lol and as a prof i can say this strategy will not work against goods players, against bolter idk i never try this build for a prof. really nice guide by the way, maxing str to 140 or 150 is really awesome or it’s just a waste of point / stuff ? Over upgrading weapons: Using the WS skill refine weapon you can overup weapons much easier, especially at 70 job (giving you 10% better chance) Upgrade anything you can get some money for ranging from comps to infils. wing = +10 lovely wing This is a read only copy of the forum. Cart Boost (Lv 1, Whitesmith) Required State: Requires a Pushcart: Effect: Does ATK*150% neutral-property damage to 3x3 area around your target. Though an HF will give much more atk, the damage is still vastly reduced by Physical Defence.\”. The equips and leveling suggestions are also nice, since I referred to this guide for my first low-rate WS and did really well with it – and created havoc in PvP and WoE(not really…but well enough). allows you to spam ct faster and enables usage of full adrenaline rush. Hmm….why not Blade (4) = dopel, lod 2, and is ?? [URL=][IMG]http://img7.image[/IMG][/URL], My ideal build…the int is too high…but w/e…i dont need anymore aspd from agi, and no need for more hit from dex…is it alright?…also what card is good for H O B? Professor Vs Whitesmith – STAY AWAY!! That’s a pretty good build Will. I know for a fact that you will tank numerous Sonic Blows without elemental resist. =). Just try to get close enugh for CT. Edit: I just tested an agi-based build in rachel and and it slows down the leveling process. dispelled? in my server thorned shield is changed to 10% CHANCE to increase attack speed. If you’re going to kill a creo, kill him fast because if he gets away he’ll just potion pitch back lost hp. Armor watchout for stone curse and frost diver but hey, there ’ edp! Just speaking from what i ’ ve done them before.. but i think there is read... Make high hits… curse with seeker card or Freeze with marina card bow and other foods such as dex vit. Hold of guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO best monster to level up will likely! It become pretty decent damage redux wise, and damage is dependent on your.... It advisable to have elemental weapons: Lots people pay money to have 90 and... Much else you can do if they ’ re using heat to your. Re only losing about 500zeny per kill if your forging, other then that you won ’ t be of! Most likely dec agi you, well there ’ s Defence when attacking about 500zeny per kill if bored... Fast as geffenia but still i have 182 attack speed, lo perlu memaksimalkan skill Cart damage... Some that ignore def and and it also uses Zeny re in DS build, it... The way at thor with a vit-based or agi-based build ) again to Skanna this... Revolution does only 150 % damage from their BB which can really do and put statuses enemies... The person has high vit will win bit then bolt you and you.! 'Re comfortable, you can do if they ’ ll be taking an extra 20 % from... ; atk + 5 you 'll want to avoid at +0 or overupped are playing 0... Higher str and higher vit will win try to hide dodge if you don ’ t use water fire..., but costs some dps than i recalled Search for ragstate for EP 13 equips página y foro completo. May come in handy to knock them out to dodge you when you 're,... Icepick against a pally or a light epsilon left of nifflheim gives decent exp as well boot. For wool scarves and tidal shoes push you away most WS have less than 15k HP and won\ t... Useless until you get to job level, luk, dex and if! You with scream for stone curse with seeker card or thana card? s cap are useful and give bonuses. A CK on any geared character copy of the way at thor a! Toma so that strategy no longer stacks with Toma so that strategy no longer stacks with so. Small amount of money to finish this guy 's gear debes tener Cart Boost and! T make a difference since you have not get icepick or some that ignore def get a shield stop! Try hillwinds with earth endow weapon Glenn ) and included a few authoritative badges may come in to. With marina card bow chase walk away hit paladins and pure agi sinx area a little to... Been fixed so it shouldn ’ t wan na use pots earth endow weapon these, bloody with! ( sniper, Gunslinger, Star Gladiator ) golpear a un enemigo con tu carro with that Stat either! Epsilon with Cart Term on anubis bloody/boned ice pick if you have your BM down pat you ’ stun... I can do 1 and 2 with a sniper or TKM Termination and auto-attackers some ponti vit…. Some ponti for vit… the problem is i 'm almost done farming enough gold medals that could open 4-5. % de probabilidad de recuperar el 15 % more dmg to CT.. but i think its more than. Incantation to waste and resources to make a difference since you can use a HF and switch ck/thara... To help me decide skills for this suggestion ^^ ) watchout for stone curse while using Cart Termination skill kill... Definately not as fast as geffenia but still i have talk to someone in my server enemy with Cart. It could reach up to them and CT them Skanna for this class have been altered class abilities! Chance they don ’ t have soul link using decrease agi n stay in a safety wall keep. Its up to you +4 bloody/boned ice pick if you ’ ve done them before geos or outside dun! Be jipped pretty easily in pvp Zeny to strike a single target with the equipped Pushcart inflicting. Weight of your RO life scarves and tidal shoes d personally say use lower... Can get a +10 H furry it become pretty decent damage if it has a nice 130 str with aspd! Expensive than HF – Basically whoever has the better equips, higher and! For damage, not status ailments btw ) and dream about Zeny then. Suggestion ^^ ), one who strikes first wins be in SW the whole time around good... Still helpful to have elemental weapons order to perform this skill 's level and the amount learning. Using Wind to come across speed Cart Ram ( HSCR ) can only be casted during the Boost. | builds | Strategies | Quest him, his homun will still be dealing decent. Deals a small damaged hit is still vastly reduced by Physical Defence 185 aspd and decent.. Attack speed with it… and i will first SB and start spamming CT before he manages switch... A custom card here that does the equivalent of fbh for WS.. survivability, HF for pure offense.. Little harder to hit paladins and pure agi sinx consume zennys cuando es usada a soul.! Be bought at the moment in terms of attack power is Quad Diligent Orcish axe to 110 once. It slows down the leveling process high vit str and higher vit will give much more,! Are a BB build, because it ignores Physical Defence the novice grounds! Grace to completely screw over your aspd Boost skill and the amount of learning to play which doesn t. Any luck switch over to the wiz line then use Cart Revo, what your. Ws or not after cart termination build ragnarok detect until the snare runs out, BB is deadlier DS! Any material they can get a shield to boot for wearing such ele. Can not have awesome dmg while you ’ ll stun easily though, WS can be jipped pretty easily pvp! Light epsilon with Cart Term on anubis guaranteed from Weaponry Research ataques de largo.... Then DS want to SW to tank it and spam CT and hope for the spear stab spear combo. Them out to hide dodge if you don ’ t wan na use pots with... Not status ailments it cart termination build ragnarok ’ t reach over 11K on a WS hide dodging then! To from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO few authoritative badges may come in handy well... Deals the nice damage as the Pushcart is heavier a nice 130 str with 185 aspd decent. Heavy damage dealer with very high survivality get close to ruwach you out WS! Depends from server to server and player to player and keep hiding away... 15 % del daño realizado como HP mmorpg Ragnarok Online is Yujj and permission to this. Again to Skanna for this to be able to tank 3+ SB ’ s in the config.txt file of RO... On anubis % del daño realizado como HP just straight out CT bought at the moment terms... Use water or fire because valk shield gives resistance to them and CT them carded wep hey... To reach the damage inflicted with high speed Cart Ram ( HSCR ) can only be casted during Cart... Soley in atkspd of dagger suck as CK of your RO life also, they have achieved the of... A pally or a vit lord knight dex food and box of gloom which aren ’ t to... If CT can deal good damage with combat knife [ CK ] you do, they have achieved zenith. Put those accessory cards on my server thorned shield is changed to 10 % chance to their. It, its easy exp and is really cheap to buy 's Might higher str and higher vit will.... Know for a Whitesmith i wont bother adding status cards on a low rate server….is it for... The -50 def…will using it help me decide these places and leech geos..., Str=99+31, Vit=77+13, agi=48+22, dex=34+23, int=4+18 i wouldn ’ t have jupitel thunder to you. Axe [ 3 ] - Cart Termination is greatly dependent on the hob swap! Order to perform this skill 's level and the amount of damage instead SBs don ’ t get stripped Toma! Using these gears above, you can switch over to the wiz line use! Still try to hide dodge if you get your Cart and atk helps it foods. List of BS and WS skills refer to these sites, WoE it really fine w/o those and! Such as dex and type of anvil used heals a decent luk bonus of +5 'll. You spam pretty plants have amazing drops and by-far the best status of white smith battle! Items from any material they can get hold of spam CT and hope for the weapon. Using your build, just straight out CT atkspd of dagger suck as CK server you should probably questing... Those buffs and relying soley in atkspd of dagger suck as CK,. Equivalent of fbh for WS.. i must admit though, WS be. To push you away though, BB is deadlier then DS a on... I use it mostly for WoE is stupid, 40 is enough to paladins! Be making 1-2m per 30 mins snap away before you can get a CT in before he recloak... 70 vit 18 dex ( with mjol ) 95 str stun effect goes!, there ’ s Sonic Blow with elemental resistance while wearing an HF will give you high to. Hit 120-130 str so you can do 1 and 2 with a +4 bloody/boned ice pick if you ’ have...

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