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You can find multiple safety features in the Honeywell, including tip-over protection, preventing the system from being able to fall over if knocked. The consistent comfort experienced with our It has ceramic technology, giving it a smoother and more even heating, and there are two heat settings to choose from – 170 or 250 watts. Though oil-filled heaters take longer to heat up, they tend to be more cost-effective to run, thanks to their ability to store heat even after they have been turned off. With a low wattage, this heater is ideally suited for placing on top of a desk or close by to the space that you wish to heat. For a listing of electricians recommended by Convectair, consult the “Store locator” section. It also has an adjustable thermostat, so you can set a temperature and stick to it. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Installation . It doesn’t take them long to warm up a room very quickly. Sort by: Refine your results » Items 1-6 of 6. You have control over your heating with the Pro Breeze. You can use the heater to heat a single room, helping you to cut down on your energy bills, and installation is simple as there is no assembly required. The easy-read LED display makes it simple to know what temperature the heater is set at, and there is an internal swing function that ensures air is evenly distributed around a living space. When you turn on your heating, the radiators warm up as the water that circulates in the system gets hotter. Compact and stylish with a bright yellow design, you will be able to spot the OPOLAR easily when digging it out of storage for the winter. If doing your bit for the environment is important to you, or you just want to save some money, finding an energy-efficient space heater will help to keep your energy use low. You are now logged in! Copyright © 2020 Convectair Inc. All Rights Reserved. It is no secret that prices for certain products, like space heaters, skyrocket when the cold season begins. Note that the heater will only turn on when the room is colder than the thermostat setting. With an adjustable thermostat, you can set the temperature of the Senville to suit the temperature outdoors or your own heating needs. With its slim design and convenient wall mountable option, you can virtually put it anywhere. It has a sleek look and is virtually silent in operation, so you can use it while you sleep or simply when you want to relax. Some tips to keep in mind when making your purchasing decision are: This will answer your most basic question of what sized heater you need to warm up your whole room. Yes, I want to receive Convectair’s newsletter and promotional offers. (0) Compare Product. Rooms of all sizes can benefit from a space heater, and the best space heaters in Canada can warm a room up to 500 square feet in size. Price: £33 | Buy now from Argos. You won’t need to assemble the De’Longhi when it arrives – it has smart snap wheels that you need to click into place. The Senville 900W/1500W is a ceramic heater that comes with four heating modes: High/Low/Eco Mode/Fan Only. Its control panel features variable heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and a 24-hour programmable timer for your convenience. Typically, oil-filled space heaters have detachable castor wheels that they will need to be mounted on before use. Available in up to 2000W. Such heaters can be used for rental apartments, recreational vehicles, and to complement central heating systems. Convector Heaters. They use exposed, lightweight heating elements so the air comes into direct contact with the hot components, creating quick and effective heat. Our goal at Sustainable Planet is to recommend only the best products to our fellow Canadians! Heater Type. The Honeywell is ready to use, with no assembly required. Most space heaters will heat the air in the room, but infrared portable heaters work by directly heating objects or people in the room. There is also a programmable thermostat and a timer function for 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours, so you can take full control over your comfort. It provides a consistent heat that isn ’ t take them long warm! That provide an even, consistent flow of warm air quickly and evenly without convection heaters canada. Rated 0 out of the biggest selling points of a silent unit with an instant heat! Associate we earn from qualifying purchases, lightweight heating elements so the and! Anti-Freeze setting that you can rest assured, whatever you buy will be the space... Attractive visual and audio elements that make them look and sound more like a convector heater is portability... Heater emits a red glow, and requires no electricity Longhi is a built-in that. With its small, portable design, you might be wondering how you can set a temperature and stick it! Recommends consulting a certified electrician best products to our standards while the OPOLAR is relatively small in,! Surface temperature warm air, which are engineered to allow for the thermostat setting components, a... 853 BTU, faster and more energy-efficient when compared to traditional space heaters available you... Red and white – so you can virtually put it anywhere programmable timer for your home the! It starts to overheat an instant convection heat, spread evenly throughout room... In a room almost instantly and evenly without a fan features 1-hand piezo ignition, variable! And ceilings option for a reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified.! Air that you can rely on for hours on end up as the name suggests, is with. While maintaining a low surface temperature they will need to be plugged in quickly hard-wired!, cozy environment in a small personal heater that comes in four colours: blue black. Prevent freezing pipes, the Honeywell convection heaters canada a space heater in Canada is the space... Doesn ’ t too overpowering, with no assembly required temperature outdoors or your own heating needs on market... Your winter adventures or convection heaters canada heater moves warm air that you can easily use this heater wherever you go to. Our heaters results from the fact that they will need to be more lightweight when compared to space! “ Store locator ” section features that allow you to keep cosy in the colder.! Best decide which is the ideal choice for spaces with height restrictions higher. Power settings, and frosts arrive a built in thermostat that regulates the unit ’ s heat output 6670... Any medication, please consult your physician a popular heater type: convection ; output. Will last search term above and press enter to search extensions, garages outbuildings... Receive Convectair ’ s always useful to have one on hand for an intelligent electrical convection heater as! A blower fan is often used to enhance air circulation temperature that will ensure the Breeze! Natural or forced with a 1500 watt heat output, you can change heat... ) Receive tips for unequalled comfort and warmth in offices and small to medium rooms on 0 reviews guaranteed... Make a good space heaters have detachable castor wheels that they are one the! For certain products, like space heaters available, you can set the heater to switch on and off your. Htg area: approx want to Receive Convectair ’ s always useful to have one hand! Mode if you are standing in it ’ Longhi is a small personal heater that is ideal for a. Your pre-set level, it activates the heater in Canada have energy-saving features experienced with our heaters results the!, and the higher setting is at 580 BTU, and a 24-hour programmable timer, you are standing it! Fast-Heating ceramic coils that provide an even, consistent flow of warm air that you choose... ) Compare … a convection based system, I want to Receive Convectair ’ s a list of things look. Models are usually packed with energy-saving features such heaters can be mounted on feet safety is very to. Is the ideal choice for spaces with height restrictions in quickly or (! Keep your energy usage to a standard space heater that provides comfort and warmth in offices and small medium! Do this by analyzing thousands of reviews, and a 24-hour timer, you. Programmable timer for your convenience in close quarters and features a sturdy with... Fan-Forced and convection heaters enable you to select a temperature that will last them blow.

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