gas log lighter for wood burning fireplace

Converting a Wood-Burning Fireplace into a Gas Fireplace? Frequently, the gas fireplace conversion involves running of the gas supply, roofing, siding, and drywall dependant on the path the old fireplace takes through the home. You should only use a log lighter to light the fire, not keep it on. Add an instant upgrade to your old wood-burning fireplace. Lighter must be secured in a rigid manner. A gas log lighter is very easily installed into a fireplace when converting it from gas to wood burning because the gas has already been ran to the fireplace. Conventional masonry wood-burning fireplaces are ideal for converting to gas because they already have the look of a traditional fireplace, and all you have to do is install the gas-burning guts inside the firebox. It is a decorative plate that screws onto and covers up the valve stem on your gas assembly. Determining What Size Gas Log Lighter You’ll Need: Please know that it is important to place a wood grate over your log lighter. With a connection to a professionally installed fuel line (either natural gas or propane) and the turn of a valve key, gas is delivered into the pipe. Pine Mountain 4152501500 First Alert Creosote Buster Chimney Cleaning Safety Fire log, Large, bro… “If it’s a full-gas fireplace, and not just wood-burning with gas logs installed, ... Barnhart says the next step involves removing the gas logs or insert and either capping off the gas line or installing a gas log lighter. In general, we recommend a stainless steel log starter for your outdoor fireplace or wood fire pit. var priceSubtotal = $('#tSubtotal .value').text(); A gas to wood burning firebox conversion allows the use of the fireplace damper (not available for gas fireplaces). We highly recommend having a certified gas professional complete this installation process for you. Combined with a valve key, they allow you to easily turn your gas on and off. Plumb log lighter valve to 1/2" gas line in floor or wall within two feet of fireplace opening. All valves must be situated outside the fireplace and within 6 feet of the fireplace opening. Each key in our collection will fit 1/4 or 5/16 inch valve stems. Early detection is the best prevention. It is simply intended to ignite fireplace logs and should be shut off once your wood is burning. If your fireplace or burner is a natural gas unit that can be converted to liquid propane, you will need an air mixer. Also, you will need to use a fireplace grate to support the logs above your fire starter. Use pipe fittings to support the opposite plugged end of the log lighter (1 /2” male NPT) in contact with the floor or side of the fireplace. Reduces pollution in the air by 50% during use. A leak could even remain within your piping system and cause a hazard to your fire feature and gas lines/connections. A gas fireplace key replacement is an affordable option with Fireplace Doors Online! Once the inside is cleaned out to your liking, check the holes in the starter pipe. These flames light the wood; once the wood is well-lit, you can turn off the gas starter. A fireplace log lighter offers the convenience of gas with the beauty and abundant heat of a natural wood fire. You can make the conversion by simply adding a gas log set or by installing a self-contained gas insert unit with its own chimney. This Vented Gas Log Set was molded from real wood providing a realistic appearance that incorporates deep bark texture and split accents. You can use a piece of wire, wooden skewer, or any type of pipe cleaners to remove the debris. After you’ve made sure that your chimney is in proper condition and ready for a wood burning fireplace, you can finally finish out converting from gas to wood. • When log lighter is burning, close the fireplace screen. Most traditional wood burning fireplaces can be converted into a gas burning application with some minor tweaks and upgrades. $.ajax({url: "/scripts/ecs/ssi_cart.php", complete: function(xhr) { No more mess with paper and tiny pieces of wood kindling. These universal gas valve keys are also designed to connect with both round (ball) and square (globe) valves and are crafted from zinc die-cast alloy. Cleaning is best performed in outside or well-ventilated area. Cap stub-out with 1/2" black iron gas cap. Again, this depends on the customer's choice. burning fireplace. Once the flames are going, the gas flow should be shut off. Connect them back together and check the fireplace log lighter operation. Everyone loves the coziness and warmth of a crackling wood-burning fire. After the lighter is removed, a piece of masking tape can be placed over the end of the gas supply or valve to prevent debris from entering. It is an incredibly simple device consisting of a long gas pipe with holes along the top, capped at one end and connected to a gas line at the other. Let us walk you through an easy DIY diagnostic test! 601 6th Ave NW What starter can I use with my outdoor fireplace or wood fire pit? Effective Ways to Clean Your Fireplace Starter Pipe: Before attempting to clean your fireplace starter pipe, make sure that the fireplace log lighter system has cooled down completely, and then simply turn off the gas supply. Gently remove the starter pipe or cast log lighter out of the firebox, and make sure that the ash will not be able to have contact with any exposed gas supply lines or valves. Blue Flame log lighters are not intended for use with sealed combustion units. Light a butane log-lighter or fireplace match and hold the flame to the burner pipe in the firebox. However if your home has always had a wood burning fireplace and you are interested in installing a gas log lighter I recommend contacting a gas professional to discuss the process and what it will involve. The materials needed for installation are gas lines, elbows, nipples, valves, keys, and flange. Once your fire is going, simply rotate the valve key to lock the gas line and enjoy the crackling wood fire, Fireplace log lighters work immediately and can easily get your fire started. View All. … It may become too weak, too strong, or even too yellow and dirty, so a bit of oxygen may be added or removed via the air mixing port to correct these symptoms. Fireplace Doors Online Cast iron is a very resilient metal and makes a perfect material for a fireplace starter system. Always check and make sure that the gas line is turned off when not in use. If their masonry fireplace opening is 37 inches wide, the homeowner may have a grate that is 36 inches wide, and it is perfectly acceptable to have a gas log lighter that is 36 inches long. For example, if the fireplace is a high efficiency wood burning unit, a gas log set cannot be installed. Manufacturer Specific Mantels. Steel fireplace lighters on the other hand feature a standard starter pipe without an ash baffle. Sometimes, debris can be seen and it clogs the hole. To release any internal buildup, it is sometimes advisable to use a piece of heavy wire. Vacuum or clean the ashes out of your fireplace. Here at Fireplace Doors Online, we have a huge selection of steel, cast iron, and stainless steel gas-based fireplace log lighters from fireplace manufacturers like Dante and Blue Flame. Parts need to be ordered, in making a conversion from a gas to a wood-burning fireplace. All valves must be situated outside the fireplace and within 6 feet of the fireplace opening. var itemCount = $('#tItemsCount .value').text(); Remove the masking tape from the gas supply, reconnect, and test the operation of the log lighter. Fireplace log lighters that are made of cast iron also offer an ash protection baffle. Gas fireplace starters can be your trusted fire starters even with a power outage. After thoroughly cleaning the interior, immediately inspect the holes in the starter pipe. Blue Flame log lighters also increase the performance of your chimney system by quickly heating the chimney causing it to start drafting much more quickly than conventional lighting of your wood CSA Certified for use with natural gas, this energy saving Blue Flame Log Lighter ensures safety for the end user by mixing air and gas together for a safer light up. Either way, a leak is never good and must be tended to immediately. The "STREAM" setting will also allow the soapy mixture to reach into any areas that are not easily accessible. ), For newly installed gas features, is the valve the correct size? Instead of chopping wood and hauling logs, a flip of the switch will instantly ignite a realistic wood fire. With a fully functional flue, this only costs about $150 to $300, he says. Starting a wood-burning fire has never been so easy with the help of an efficient gas fireplace starter! Simple and easy to install if you already have a gas line to your fireplace (most units do have a gas line). Simply turn on the gas to your Dante Gas Log Lighter, and start enjoying your beautiful fireplace. As wonderful as wood is, there may eventually come a day when you’d like to convert your fireplace to gas. We recommend having a certified gas professional connect your feature to ensure the correct component has been installed.). Advantages of Using Gas Fireplace Starters: No more twisting, crumbling, and stuffing papers in between the logs, You do not need to cut off scraps of wood for kindling, You don’t have to make a little fire starter with dryer lint and candle wax, You can simply set up the logs over the log lighter, rotate the key to turn on the gas and the fire will quickly light up. Gas Log - Hearth Products Controls. Monday ~ Friday: 9AM-7PM EST. Remove the log grate from the firebox. • When the wood fire is lit, the log lighter valve should be turned off. Because ash buildup will be present, we advise you to use a mask for respiratory protection. Choose from our collection of exceptionally affordable fireplace valve kits to match your decor! Select the finish that best matches your valve key and decor. When that day comes, it’ll mean the end of buying, stacking and hauling wood. Typically, a gas log lighter is between 12" and 17" in length. Fireplace log lighters are fire starters, NOT gas burners. Turn off the gas valve to the fireplace. Blue Flame gas log lighters simplify the process of lighting your wood burning fireplace. When you place the end of a valve key into the opening of the plate, you can easily control the flow of natural gas or propane from your fuel line to your feature, be it a fireplace, log lighter, a fire pit, or bowl. Do not install gas valves inside the firebox of your heat source! Adjust the spray nozzle to "STREAM" so that you get a sharp immersion of water onto the valve; wet it thoroughly with the solution. Never be confused by using your fireplace log lighter as a gas burner; this can cause serious damage to a zero clearance fireplace. This is because cast iron has a very high tolerance for heat and possess the ability to withstand even the hottest fires. Gas log lighters are not meant to be used as a decorative gas appliance. Blue Flame Log Lighters are easy to use, simply turn on the gas and ignite. [email protected], Sales & Live Chat Hours Gently pull out the masking tapes from the gas supply. The log lighter is a convenience to help you light wood fires, if it had fakes logs or a different burner then you would know its a gas fireplace. Things such as supply pressure and altitude can change how the gas burns. We highly recommend having a certified gas professional complete this installation process. For small leaks, a majority of the time this can be fixed by tightening the connection. Gas starters make it easy to start a fire in a wood-burning fireplace. However, since I have three, I decided to change the one in my living room from wood burning to gas. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a few tablespoons of dishwashing soap. The escutcheons keep water from leaking in and around the assembly. Determining What Size Gas Log Lighter You’ll Need: Check out this video! Also, the high heat of a fire will expedite the rusting and degradation process if the log starter is not a stainless model. Whether you've misplaced your key or just prefer an update, we have 3, 8, 12, 18, and 24-inch sizes available. } How do I clean a gas fireplace starter pipe? Are there valves for these fireplace log lighters? It is also advisable to clean your fireplace starter pipe outdoors or inside a well-ventilated place. The log lighter can be tapped against a surface to knock the ash out from inside the log lighter. Fireplace log lighters made out of cast iron has a very high heat tolerance and it has the special capability to resist even the hottest fire. Example: use 112” rigid pipe for gas inlet and to the log lighter (inlet 1/2” NPT). We offer a few models of log lighters that are made entirely from cast iron. These models also feature an ash protection baffle with better orifices than a standard steel starter. Important Reminders When Using Gas Fireplace Starters: Installation of a gas line is required for your fireplace. But we do have sizes up to 36" available for those that would like a long log lighter. The Importance of Annual Inspections When the Power Goes Out or anytime, increase heat in wood burning fireplace with the Blue Flame Log Lighter. [CDATA[*/ You can carefully hit the fireplace log lighter against a wall or any surface to remove the ashes from the interior. But on the positive side, steel log lighters are normally more affordable than cast iron. Typically, a gas log lighter is between 12" and 17" in length. Dyersville, IA 52040, Copyright © 2015 by New Energy Distributing Inc. | Sitemap | Articles, /*

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