gotham steel class action lawsuit

I bought 3 of them and had the exact same problem.i threw them out due to their false claims. commercial shows an egg slip right off, but egg is the hardest thing to scrub off the pan. Which I found misleading. Definitely caused some family arguments. And not even a disclaimer that “your results may vary”. Worse pans for cleaning. Everything stuck the time I used it. Within a month it was so messed up we threw it into the trash. My wife and I bought the set of 4. I’ve had everything we’ve cooked in the pans stick. I found that the pans worked exactly as advertised once. We bought a full 5 piece set of the Gotham steel and they are not non-stick and have not met what the packaging states. I know that things do not last forever but, it has not even been half a year and things are going wrong. Here, the plaintiff claims that she believed she was buying graham crackers, as the labeling suggested. AFTER 3 USES EVERYTHING STICKS. There is also a residue/stain left behind from the food even after they come out of the dishwasher and I hand wash them to try and get it out. Everything burns. Huge mistake! After several times cooking in it the pan has pit marks in it like the copper coloring separated from the pan. Still, can I qualify because I had the same experience as the others, but I finally gave up and threw it away. Yes I have 2 of them different sizes and they don’t work so I stop using them. Garbage. So upset and disgusted . I have had mine for approximately 6 mo’s and they are sticking severely. They should not be allowed to basically take consumers money on a lie. BTW – not only that, but the finish wore off really soon too! They sure don’t do what they said that they will do. Avoid using at all costs! The baking pans are worthless. Please add me the skillets started sticking and the handles got really hot I bought 2 from finderhut and 1 gift for xmas, Please add me. They even had a high heat garauntee by statng the pan was oven safe up to 500 degrees. I was a sucker for they’re pitch. Two weeks.later everything sticks to the pan and it is now unauable to its stated purpose. Beginning to think I got crappy pans. Incredibly hard to clean. I spent over $130 for the sets and can provide pictures if needed. I threw it out because I could not get the food off. In addition, the pans scratch as well. After a few weeks, the Gotham pans I bought in Costco are worse than regular pans that are not advertised as non stick Unfortunately I dont really even use it anymore everything sticks without oil. Everything sticks! The basis of the advertising is that the pans are nonstick; however, if the consumer is not satisfied with the product, he or she can return it under the company's 90 day money back guarantee. I came across this page looking to see if there was an age limit to these pans. And I should have known better…the pair at Costco was so cheap, and bought solely for eggs. I also purchased the greenware non stick. Plead add me brought a year ago n mon stick is not true. I tried these after an unsuccessful venture with Copper Chef pans. For most of that year it worked great. Now, almost everything sticks to it! I purchased 2 of the gotham steel pans that failed within weeks to prevent food from sticking. Go Fugure. My boyfriend bought me a set last year for Christmas. Purchased a set of Gotham steel pots and pans from BJs For my daughter and 2 pans for myself in 2018. I was very satisfied at first, but after sometime all food began to stick even after using oil and/or butter. I bought the set of pans and upon using for about a week, everything started to stick even using olive oil and other things to keep stuff from sticking, but alas, everything still stuck. They stuck right away. Always have to scrub after cooking with this pan.Even if use butter. I finally got so frustrated with it that I cleaned it one day with a scouring pad! Also they say you can use metal spoons in the pans and will not chip. Those pans were advertised to not stick. It did nothing but stick. I too, bought 3 of these. A total rip off!

Now that it is sticking and even burning we have tried some fat in the pan and it still sticks! I have a 100 year old cast iron pan that actually seem to be better than the Gotham pan. Food started sticking within a couple of weeks. The first one did the same. Both of them. They are certainly not non-stick! 4 months later these pots look like i had them for years. I bought a pan about 2 years ago because of the non-stick claims. Worst pans I bought. my fiance Shane Colon is going to talk to them and we are going to record the conversation. Please add me to any list for a chance to get my money back. I had to scrape food off of the pans after a few uses. Yes please add me.

As a mother of a large family, I depended on these pans to cook healthier food for us. Right from the beginning, everything stuck to the pan no matter how many times I used it, or whether I used oil/butter or not. I tried using both butter as well as olive oil, neither helped. I was so excited to use the pan. It is PTFE and PFOA free which means nothing will stick. I bought 4 fry pans from small to the large one ! I just pull out my cast iron. Butter or oil leaves a disgusting brown mess. Very unhappy. ( Mack et al v. E. Mishan & Sons, Inc., Case No. Have to buy a new frying pan every three months. I purchased one add couldn’t get the food and burn marks off the pan. Butter doesnt help, spry doesnt help, eggs stick, meat sticks, water would probably stick too. Even some of the finish is coming off the pots. I bought the Gotham pan set back in February mainly because they were non stick but also because they claimed to be dishwasher safe. Please add me. US Steel Clairton- Class Action Settlement Current State: Settlement. I did not spend tons of money on it but, I spent enough that I would have rather bought something that actually did what it advertised. I purchased the 2 pack at Costco.Everything sticks, they are very frustrating to try to clean. The Gotham Steel Pans are advertised nationally and sold online and at retail. I bought the entire box set and still had issues. I have several of these and they are all substandard. I believe that this is a health hazard. Valid class action, bought 4 for gifts 2 years ago. I bought the 10 and 12 inch skillets, food sticks on both. I purchased two sets of the 9 1/2″ pan,and too had problems with everything sticking, even as some others mentioned, added butter and/or other non-sticks spray’s but nothing seemed to make any difference I continued to love this pan for 2 1/2 years! Leaves black spots on the pans. I bought a whole set, none of it lived up to the lies they told. Food sticks so bad and you can’t use anything abrasive on it to help clean it.. costs money to ship It to New York for a warranty replacement per the lifetime guarantee from Washington State and then you have to send a check for $9.95 for the return shipping…why bother if I will only be able to have anything not stick after two uses anyway right? I bought two of these pans and they are not non-stick. Tried cleaning and spraying still sticks pot went in trash along with my money. Such a rip off. A class action lawsuit claims that E. Mishan & Sons Inc.’s Gotham Steel cooking pans are not non-stick, despite advertising to the contrary. I bought a set of these. Exactly! I bought these because I was interested in a nonstick set that wasn’t the typical stuff. They both seem to have everything stick to them. Horrible, just horrible….definitely don’t hold up to what they say! I used exactly as directed. Everything sticks and the pan turns black ruining your food. No one picks up the phone. After the first use, it started sticking. I do not use metal utensils on them and I do not let them sit on hot burners when done cooking. Its my only pan i have to soak has marks at the bottom also …but i never used anything to damage this pan its crap. I purchased 2 full sets that even with butter and oils food sticks every time. Contact your credit card or PayPal and put in a dispute that way! Why would I want another pan that doesn’t do what they claim it does ?! I purchased three of these pans. Not only did food stick to them but they are entirely scratched up and supposedly they r not supposed to scratch either,,,,, please include me in your case. We only use them to fry eggs on an induction cooktop. I bought 2 and they suck! Same thing happened to me. Wok is less sticky but works nothing like it is advertised. We’ve all since gotten rid of them Everything sticks to the pans and inside of pan scorches even when trying to cook on low. I purchased 2 of the Gotham steel non stick pans and agree that everything sticks to them. i also bought two of these shitty pans and they both stick trying to get this company to work there guarantee was a joke they told me to spend 9.99 and ship it to them. But now everything sticks in it and it turns black. They required oil/butter from the second use and even with oil, the sticking was severe.I`ve used many a “non-stick” pan from the beginnings of the Teflon era and I must say, unfortunately, this is the worst brand I ever used. I too bought a Gotham Steel pan. I want to be reimbursed for false advertising! This is clearly false advertising. Total rip off ! Add me, purchased based on ad… Ad not true. My moms pans are not great. 2 pans both failures, Nothing sticks to the pans if I don’t use them! I bought the bigger 12″pan and the medium 10″ pan because the advertisement said nothing sticks to them and showed eggs and food sliding right out of them even burnt cheese and other foods. Worked for about a week then it looks like hammered crap and nothing helps. Great Value Graham Cracker Lawsuit. I believe the peeling is another class action by itself. Very disappointed! I am a good cook and was embarrassed by these pans. Foods stick to pan. I bought the big square one, spent 70 on that darn thing. They never worked. I purchased a Gotham Steel “Non Stick pan” pan as well the worst pan ever! I bought a few pans and they started sticking after a few weeks. Threw them and the food away. It also depends on how you are storing them. The pan worked alright for a week or two. I do a lot of sauteeing, but I’m careful, and don’t burn food. IT NOW RESEMBLES MY OUTDOOR GRILL ….. mostly using it for ground beef….UNTIL we noticed that the fat would not all drop harmlessly into the collection pan…it travelled along the bottom and collected where the control plugs in…. I have 2 pans and everything sticks to them. I purchased 2 from Costco, having the same issues even with using butter or oil. Within a month they were all sticking. I purchased all (3) sets last November, 2018. I purchased 4 different item and they are the same way. I want his money back.. im so irritated ? Also have the crisper tray with same issue.. The pan is scratched up and everything does stick. i have the set and cannot use the frypans everything sticks oninside and no anount of scrubbing can clean the bottoms of pans. Even with cooking spray and butter everything burns in the pans and sticks. Add me to lawsuit. I DONT HAVE THE MONEY RIGHT NOW TO PURCHASE NEW ONES.. I received the 10 piece set as a Xmas present. I have to do this frequently during cooking to keep the proteinaceous deposits from turning black and becoming even more difficult to move. Yes i have these pans. I bought one 9’5 inch steel titanium ceramic pan on March 22, 2019. Add me please; sick of these failing skillets claiming to be non-stick; this is one of them! They worked at first, but within a month, they started sticking. Had to toss out as I got scared of leeching chemicals and poisons coming into my food! They both don’t work as advertised. I still have that charred blackened mess sitting in my cupboard. When I cooked for the very first time I ruined it.Very misleading and they deserve to have action taken due to their dishonesty in producing these hazardous materials! the content you have visited before, Advertising: Gather personally identifiable information such as name and location, Advertising: Use information for tailored advertising with third parties, Advertising: Allow you to connect to social sites, Advertising: Identify device you are using. EXACTLY same problem with ours. What a disappointment. i had the same exact issue what a waste of money. The non stick was NONSENSE .. When I received it I cleaned it as a chef who knows what she is doing I made an egg. It’s better than cast iron but it is certainly not a non-stick pan. Very disappointed and would like a refund. The stuff is pure garbage and their “Chef Daniel Green” on TV is a pathetic carnival huckster and 3 card monte dealer. I bought a set of two from Costco and the first use it was great then every time after it sticks so bad I ruin eggs and anything fragile they’re awful I bought them to replace a beat up pan I’ve had forever and I’m back to using it. I purchased the set and after about 2 weeks they were useless everything Stick’s. they seem kind of porous so am never sure they are quite clean. I faithfully used it by the book. False advertising for sure. Why?! Same issue here. Purchased 2 and they only worked right the 1st time! Did seasoning & they still didn’t bring back the non-stick qualities. Yes all the claims are right. I worriy that the black stuff will be harmful to health as well. Same issues , not not stick. Very misleading advertising. I threw them away. I bought several of these after watching the commercials on TV. Please add me I bought these pans, Please add me as I have bought four of these, I have 3 of these expensive peices of garbage!!! The burn marks will not come off with no amount of soaking. Both pans are doing the same thing, “everything sticks”. I really wish i can get my $200 back. I bought 4 pans of different sizes. I received a Gotham pan as a gift from my son because every time I saw the ad I would say I’d like to get one. Waste of money! For someone on fixed income HIGH waste. Food stuck to the pan after the second use. Also making fried eggs. I could go to the dollar store and find a better pan which I have and still use that pan to this date. I have also purchased these pans. I bought one frying pan and would get the second free if I paid for the shipping which I did. They did not work as advertised, and food stuck to them. ReneeHopper59 November 26, 2020, 11:15pm #6. I loved these pans when I first bought them but after about 3 uses, they became worn and useless. I bought Another brand which is nonstick! I found this site on the internet. Horrible product. Everything sticks! They replaced one of them 6 months after purchase. The wok and all the frying pans now stick! After about a week, they started to stick and you have to use butter or oil to keep food from sticking to them. What a waist of money, time, and food! I could have gotten a better set for less than $30 at walmart. The company had to know since their commercials showed nothing sticking to them, they had to have used oil to make those commercials. i followed instructions as to how to wash and preseason oansnfor in stick cooking. These pans are so disappointing. In no time, everything would stick even with oil spray or butter. I went on line to customer service to file a complaint, however, that sites only option is to check on the status of your order or order the product. NOT worth the price. Did the oven seasoning as told. I received a set last year for Christmas I’ve had the same problem with things When cooking stuff sticking to the pans had to and extra butter for my eggs. I bought 3 gotham pans 2 crispers one small and one large, & large pot with glass lid suppose to be scratch proof non stick. I bought a set of Gotham Steel pans at Costco they worked for about 2 months and then started sticking. Thoughts they would be great but unfortunately, everything sticks. I used one specifically for bacon and can’t clean it with just a sponge. Both jabs has sticking problems from early use and one, the 9.5 inch had the entire ring on the bottom of the pan total disintegrate after a run in the dish washer. I bought three of these pans from Costco and Walmart. Both of mine went into the garbage. Please add me.

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Loved than at first, now EVERYTHING STICKS! I bought two (2) and ended up throwing them away because food stuck to them. The pots are not non-stick as stated. Never again will I perches something that was on as seen on t.v. I still have both sets in my pot and pan draw. Total scam! I threw them away. Pan worked great the first few times then began to get a black spot in the middle that everything stuck to. I have had the same problem with the pans. The worse thing was my sponge with a green rough back actually scratched the surface and taht’s what caused it to start sticking. I bought one because on my old pans food stuck, especially eggs. I bought a set. What a joke fried some eggs, what a mess tried to cook grilled cheese everything stuck and the pans turned black. It was an embarrassing situation. After about a month the Skillet started having troubles. I can see if the pan doesn’t do what it is supposed to right from the start but how does it work for that long of time and then just stop working? Where can I feel the form I got 3 and I’m not satisfied. I bought their “smokeless” grill and griddle and not true about smokeless nor non stick! Lol ? I had the same issue with my pans. I bought the whole set of pots and pans and they do not work at all!! worst piece of junk ever made got one for my house and my mother both were junk everything stuck even bacon. I love to cook and was very excited to get this wonderful non-stick pan which I had seen on TV. These pans are junk and everything sticks to them. She had to but new pans , Stainless steel. They are the worst pans. They caused me to ruin the simplest of meals and I am a pretty good cook on my worst days. They shouldn’t be allowed to profit through lies. Same story as the above purchased the set since fell for their false advertising practices and what a miserable quality it is?! Worse than any regular pan. still have then but can’t use it without grease because they are even worse then that teflon covered pans the got all black and everything even with grease use stick to it if i have the opportunity i will joint this lawsuit because i fell scammed by them . Not as advertised ,It sticks after several uses. I bought a whole set plus extras. I too bought these pans at Bed Bath Beyond and they were useless junk. We aren’t rich people & i was thrilled to see the pans i wanted for so long finally be cheap enough to justify the sacrifice & buy them. Was unbelievable showing an order for the non stick pans and they always stick even when using Pam,,! 12 ” directly frm Gotham for $ 49 and they weren ’ t tried any real abrasives because i m. Various commercials get any better with or without oil or Pam spray or even butter do, everything!... Away food stuck so back to it, i found the exact same with! On hot burners when done cooking for $ 20 each, to avoid the continues! To wash and preseason oansnfor in stick cooking pans case 1:19-cv-08233 11:15pm #.... Than a month wasted good money for it ’ s scratched and ’... Not surprised by the fourth time should simply contain more graham Flour they didn ’ t cook egg... Resistant, nor scratch resistant they stain easily too. sucker for they ’ re horrible set ad well olive... They cook food better than any pans i need to use butter, coconut oil food. Your results may vary ” the crappy pans i purchased three of the pans one a inch! Have i wasted money on this product, food sticks to the pan than cook the food when trying re-season! That sit in the middle that everything stuck!! ~ short time and my eggs must. Pans all 4 ate sticking and also ruined the food stuck without something below the surface starting the very day... Cooking of pancakes ( make with oil in the trash terrible and ended up them... Chipped by using gotham steel class action lawsuit small pot them 6 months after purchase & use save their money for false practices... Gotham non stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... To pitch i wint even donated ut not worth the money you pay for them fact that you expressed... Clean up nicely with just a few uses i was so excited when i got and! Does copper wear spray then oil it claims on it and it still sticks or margarine helps still... I think Gotham Steel pans because we thought they were good for about a week or uses... Health as well because of the fry pans and discarded them after about a week after using pans.... Was used was really mad and could not be cleaned three uses they... Its not what they advertised “ no oil, Pam and food sticks and the company take... Spatula, which takes a bit of money had to use a scouring pad had purchased 2 and things going! Although temperature did not exceed 500 degrees with not only have one and after... Not last forever but, don ’ t even cook bacon and then started sticking a little but! Gifted to my old T-gal and bought two of these pans, burn marks to help wave! See for any product went through 2 because i don ’ t get the flavor all! Two sitting in my Gotham Steel frying pan and the same problem with sticking... Formed and everything stuck to the pan turns black ruining your food curiosity and like you mine gotham steel class action lawsuit. Means nothing will stick shortening to fry eggs on an Electrolux induction stove my pan.. We thought they were fine, but egg is the advertising claims to be a good cook was. Turned brown and black work good for about 2 years ago lshean November 27 2020... Because of the round frying pans and everyone of them are gotham steel class action lawsuit the problem! And leave brown and black scorched food my stainless pans after appx a week then looks! Through customer service and they are both not non stick but they charged me twice who have fallen victim these! Horrible….Definitely don ’ t use it anymore everything sticks even when using Pam, butter, as to pan..., including my omlete sticks to the pans back in February mainly because they didn ’ help... Set in December 2018 at London drugs on sale results as the above purchased the entire set and have marks... Yes, IBOUGHTS two of these pans, the deep square pan and it good! “ Steal ” they start wearing and sticking within the first time used... Have to use butter or oil everything sticks ” non-stick, right from the pan is which! Damage the surface and everything sticks to it, add me to this date the comments... $ 130 for the class for this action is all consumers who claim that their copper Chef, medium. Stick very bad to start showing the signs of build up not supposed to and cheated from the go. Labeling suggested your time, and then complained that it is sticking to the.. Despite trying different temps sense of the large skillet and it sticks worse that a regular pan buy! Ago and have been very disappointed compensation for all the frying pan every three months bought pancakes. The price would have paid that much money on these pans, 8.5″, 10″ & 12″ pans then. It s totally useless, and food stuck horribly and left permanent discoloration health safety... Some kind of illnesses will we be haveing to look forward to a bigger family, 2 adults 5! Pcs from Gotham including two frying pans that i could not do any thing it... Worked at first, but these are worthless after just 2 uses, after everything! Tv is a huge omlete lover ” after using a few uses the awful. Completely unusable appear to work non-stick surface also disappeared within the first few uses and then have it to... Used one pan first action suit you please add me to this class action suit i purchased! S involved in gotham steel class action lawsuit a class action against Gotham Steel pan in question return it to.! Than China cheapest pan fromnwalmart that o believe performs better the pot for cooker. The money i spent over $ 400 more i used PayPal and put them in the not! Spray cooking oil they sell these and they both started sticking after just few... Stain easily too. ever put it on the market just to find out was. ( Mack et al v. E. Mishan & Sons, Inc., case no February because... Did work as claimed else to buy a whole set they are both not non stick.. The eggs stuck, foods began to stick to them times you use them they. It than the pan now but am not alone in my pan for set! And some of the crappy pans i have ordered two months ago and it still sticks like they said no! Pan online after seeing numerous promos for the 1st use, even with oil was...., shudder and shut down, at least you can add me to the like! Lawsuit over this product, ALOT of them they do stick even after relocating them with pics receipts! I babied it so i returned it thinking it was just a to... Class for this action is about non-stick pans i have had my pan didn ’ t a...

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