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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Institute ergonomic Beijing Masayuki has sued Nike shoes advertising "pseudo-science, false propaganda," Nike's favor in the case in the first instance. A few days before the case first instance verdict, the plaintiff alleged unfair competition again, again Nike prosecution. Recently, the Beijing Higher People's Court of Final Appeal dismissed Masayuki of the Institute that it is not competing with Nike. Nike will again prose cheap jordans for sale cute a case pending 2005 ?? 11 14, Xicheng District Court of First Instance dismissed the lawsuit for lack of evidence Masayuki request of the Institute. Previously, Masayuki this Institute will Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and the US Nike company to court, that its official website, training sites and partner sites, Nike Air shoes and elastic column shoes, do a lot of motor function false propaganda, saying it makes "run faster", "jump higher" Retro jordans for sale is the "high-speed breakthrough accelerator" and "run king" that can "recuperate quickly" and so on. These propaganda contrary to generally accepted scientific principles, the lack of factual basis, is false propaganda. Just a few days before the verdict of the case, is of this study Youyi grounds of unfair competition, the two sued Nike again. Masayuki prosecution in this study, said its long-term basic research function of footwear products, product d Retro jordans for sale evelopment and operations. Acts of false propaganda of the two defendants, for the same products in the footwear business Masayuki this study constitutes unfair competition, infringement of their legitimate rights and interests. court finds that the parties are different consumer objects Nike Nike Suzhou and the United States agree that there is no competition between it and the positive of this study, the positive of this is only developed its own sh cheap foamposites oe research units, its sales on the site slimming fitness shoes, and other products are also non-athletic shoes, both products of non-similar products for groups is not the same, Nike's products are suitable for athletes and sports enthusiasts etc., and consumer groups Masayuki This product is a minority in the field of health care. Court of First Instance adopted Nike's opinion, rejected the prosecution Masayuki of the Institute. Masayuki The Institute cheap jordans online subsequently filed an appeal. Beijing Higher People's Court has examined, the main function of the product being of this study is that the business' physical training function "and" for low back pain, cervical spondylosis rehabilitation function "; and Suzhou, and Nike Nike USA Its products are mainly sports shoes and other sporting goods. The main function of both aspects of related products for groups, consumer objects, and so there is a big differen Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ce. Therefore, as the main market operators of different products, it does not have a competitive relationship. Accordingly, upheld the first instance verdict.On foot photoNew York Popular footwear brand Common Projects recently released its 2014 spring and summer series of shoes, the series continue to follow the Common Projects brand has always been simple design style, with a lot of solid color fabrics production, including everyone's favorite earth to cheap jordan shoes for men nes khaki, and lively blue and red fabric, and & nbsp; Low-Top, and improved on Chukka Derby shoe-shaped, high-texture leather materials to build, with a retro atmosphere rich rubber outsole is made of this announced a total of up to 23 shoes, there is always a mix to meet your needs.Jordan will finally launch Air Jordan brand series sequel Air Jordan 32, it is reported, and the 31, still by Westbrook in Air Jordan 32, and endorsement. While waiting for t cheap jordans for sale mens he official release of Air Jordan 32, let's take a look at some of the information about the latest work. it is reported that the design of Air Jordan 32 refers to Air Jordan 2, and some design elements have been learned from it. Air Jordan 31 absorbs Air Jordan 1 design inspiration, now 32 from 2 to find inspiration, so it seems, Jordan brand is probably in the classic old shoes to promote the new way. Absorb the advantages of the classic model, couple Cheap air jordans for sale d with new technology, so that the life of Air Jordan series continues. Looking at it this way, probably Air Jordan 33 will look for it from Air Jordan 3, but expect 34, 35 and 36 to be designed. The first version of Air Jordan 32 will be available on 2018 January, and let's look at the launch dates for these first colors. Air Jordan XXX2 color: Pure, Platinum/Hyper, Royal number: AA1253-007 release date: January 2018 price: $185 color: Black/Whi Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping te/Wolf, Grey-University, Red number: AA1253-002 release date: February 2018 price: $185 color: Black/Metallic Silver-Multi-Color number: AA1253-003 release date: April 2018 A few days ago, DJKhaled and MArkWahlberg are in their own personal social media drying out of this pair of non city version for sale "Fab5" AirJordan5. AirJordan5 then the double "Fab5" in the end what is backing? We should start from the origin of "Fab5" the call, the fab is the abbreviation of fabulous, is incredible, "Fab5" here refers to the United States in 1991 the University of Michigan men's basketball team of five main members of the nickname, also known as the Michigan tigers, their combination is NCAA famous basketball history one of the. Although in Michigan Wuhu university career has not been able to clinch the NCAA championship, they are still regarded as the three most five basketball combination of horror, known as the uncrowned king. After they are in the game NBA success. the five are: Chris · Webb; Zhu Wan · Howard; Jielun Ross; Jamie · · · Lei; Jackson. TinkerHatfield for designers to pay tribute to the legendary group of five people, choose the Jordan5 as the basic color collocation home court shoes Michigan men's basketball team, using the campus muntjac leather to create new eye-catching appearance. can be seen through the crystal bottom shoe with the color of the JumpmanLogo. black tongue embroidery on the letter "M". "Hailto" and "TheVictory", "salute to victory". followed by using a newly designed "FiveTimes Logo", inspired by the Michigan tigers gesture. in the bottom of the yellow ink, and yellow dotted AirSole cushion in campus. Unfortunately, this double "Fab5" AirJordan5 is not commercially available, small series can only bring you a passing addiction.