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when for the first time to see the & quot; tailored for flight & quot; in the trailer, Mr. Westbrook into a tailor's shop, inside there are a workman is cut, as if his tailored the what shoes, and hides the message of new shoes, full of mystery; to April this year, Jordan Brand Conference, all in a veil of mystery finally opened, from the hands of the Michael Jordan show this pair with exquisite weaving process [AIR Jordan XX9]. 2013 years air jordan XX 8 at the time of its publication and its striking appearance attracted the eyes of all the people; when first saw this pair of Air Jordan XX9, more or less a bit disappointed, appearance is more common with the outline of the air jordan XX3, lack of surprise, that how to take so God Bi Trailer? All be cheap jordans for sale cause of its hidden with a number of new design. A few days ago was invited to participate in the AIR JORDAN XX9 test, the first to experience the properties and performance of AIR JORDAN XX9, and try to release the design and effectiveness of the whole shoes, how it is designed for disassembly and build flight. A double AIR JORDAN XX9 the whole reform in the upper - [PERFORMANCE UPPER] WOVEN technology, a weaving technology manufactured materials; daily life woven goods everywhere, such as the walls of the giant posters, in the automobile airbag, his shirt and tie. Almost all the people every day to reach Tinker Hatfield; while thinking about how to make the ordinary cloth become extraordinary, and get inspiration from weaving material airbags, becau Retro jordans for sale se of the high strength material and very soft, easy to train, when encountered dangerous pop-up airbags to protect the driver and passengers this; let him consider how to apply to keep the players feet basketball shoes. Early Tinker Hatfield sketch of theAir Jordan XX9 due to the use of a new weaving technology design air jordan XX9, Tinker Hatfield to can't always like the past like in the plane drawing, painting, so he directly to cloth shoe last making sketches, with different colored lines represent different intensity and design, such as blue position need to strengthen the tough structure. This is the air jordan XX9 flight web design blueprint. Just look at this sketch color line has been that the vamp requires complex and very fine.01.jpg (47. Cheap air jordans for sale 79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-30 09:27 upload One of the lucky stores 1_201005210111432H84q.jpg (80.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 08:23 upload 1_201005210111433GjkA.jpg (94.57 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 08:23 upload 1_201005210111434GJW7.jpg (118.36 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 08:23 upload 1_2010052101114355YaQ.jpg (65.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 08:23 upload 1_20100521011143687KB.jpg (105.99 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 08:23 upload 1 cheap foamposites _201005210111437CEbW.jpg (83.78 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 08:23 upload 1〉this new color matching Air Foamposite Pro "Island Green", and then exposed real map. The upper Foamposite material with Island green coverage, Swoosh is the use of platinum gold ornament, black details covering the uppers and lining, combined carbon plate and ice crystal bottom is also absent. shoes information: Nike Air Foamposite Pro color: Island, Green/Metallic, Platinum number: 624041-303 release date: July 2017 offer price: $230 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification s cheap jordans for sale mens ervices, you experience! limited edition, sounds like we've heard a bit too much But this time, I'm sure you'd rather hear it again! World champion, Peter Sgan has taken two times, blue, red, yellow, green, colorful chariot also has several units, but who said that the world champion chariot painted must be five colors? this time, Specialized wants you to look good, Peter Sagan Super Star world champion painting series stunning debut. S-Works Venge ViAS frame group small humming songs unable to restrain the emotions of Gloria Tang "sun Venge, the color is like......" Different angles of , the whole frame has the different color changes - 45 degrees look up at the sky, the golden head tube Logo, you can earn a lot of repeat rate S-Wor Retro jordans for sale ks Roubaix frame group metal relief Logo, people can not help but want to buckle down an in my car. round pipe let more magical colors Small details delicate love you good bestie McLaren as technical cooperation should of course not resigned to playing second fiddle, says when the sun goes down, the night, the magic moment is see the amazing changes the frame tube and the rear lower fork at the "S-Works" and "Specialized"? (the above three pictures are rendered, using flash shots) Holographic stereo paint unique, showing a low-key black in the sunlight environment, but in the dark environment, when there is an external light source, can reflect the colors of the rainbow -- passive at that moment, you are the night you and the cheap jordans online star of "Super Star" (Superstar). Under the light, the lower tube "S-Works" and the back fork "Specialized" logo can show different colors in different angles. I wonder if this time "lightning" has "flash" to you? Super Star this time launched 4 models S-Works Venge ViAS frame group; S-Works Roubaix frame group Allez DSW S〉Recently, Beijing Zheng Qingsheng a consumer Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch be prosecuted to the Beijing Xicheng District People court. Zheng Qingsheng that the defendant's website to promote its cushion athletic shoes for sports has many benefits, and to provide the best protection, there is no scientific ba Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping sis, is a pseudo-scientific fraud. Zheng Qingsheng at December 19, 2004 to buy a pair of Nike Air sneakers, worth 640 yuan, asked the defendant to be double compensation. Zheng Qingsheng said in the indictment, the defendants claimed the site, cushion "can give the muscles, bones and joints the best protection," the lack of theoretical and factual basis. The defendant's website to promote its air suspension system is a "sports shoes in the most important part," "essential," "shock function is one of the important factors that determine the quality of the shoes," suggesting that the vibration generated by the movement of human health harmful, there is no scientific basis, there is no evidence to prove it, it can be considered the defendant fabricated. cheap jordan shoes for men Zheng Qingsheng think Nike Air shoes, as opposed to ordinary sports shoes with two features. First soles cushion, cushion placed in the foot, for normal health, there is no scientific basis, on the contrary, it is not easy to make the body imbalance stability and fall or injury ankle, plus more in athletic shoes will cushion affect sports performance, increase the probability of injury. The second is the soles with thickness with shoes and commodities have been no different, the higher the heel the more easily Wei feet, but also constitute a restriction on the running jump, there is not conducive to sports shoes with a common sense issue. Nike Air shoes to science in the name of the function of propaganda, is a typical pseudo-scientific fraud. This in Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping order to seek illegitimate interests for the purpose of fraudulent pseudo-scientific propaganda, against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also for the footwear industry operators constitutes unfair competition and misleading, but also hindered the development of scientific research. According to reports, Zheng Qingsheng where the body mechanics researchers in the long-term study found that the degree of bending the spine of the body's center of gravity has a direct relationship, but the end result of the body center of gravity in the feet, is directly associated with the foot shoes, shoes was inappropriate not only cause some common foot disease, more important it is the overall shape of shoes and people have a great relationship, and this is the root of all kinds caused by cervical spondylosis. To this end, they put the shoes as a starting point the human body mechanics, and shoes and human health is precisely the fields of medicine and footwear two regardless. Blank for scientific researchers found is indeed an exciting thing, but with further research, and gradually found that some findings are considered authority "shoe science" and researchers differ, both views have a strong the incompatibility, which Nike Air shoes to help the most prominent point of the movement. "Admitted Air shoes helps functional movement is equivalent to deny his own findings, so we had to re-examine their own at the same time look at each other, this result is that we anticipated." Zheng said. It is reported that on December 29, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Public Relations Yang Shuang received a telephone interview and provided a statement on Nike Nike Air technology. A statement, Nike China has notified the company sued Zheng aspect has not yet received the court. Nike welcomes the opportunity to question about Nike Air technology in the so-called evidence for inspection, in order to verify its authenticity. After the study, we will make a comment on the evidence of the validity and effectiveness. The statement also said that (some players) were injured in the movement and alleged links between the lack of scientific evidence Nike Air sneakers, it does not take into account some of the key factors to be taken into account in the injured athlete (such as athlete previous injuries) . Wei Yafei, deputy director of the China Leather Association shoe office to the media, like air-cushioned shoes shoes this feature, there is no national standard in the relevant standards. As GB of data must be quantified, to know air-cushioned shoes shock absorption and increase the flexibility of the data, we must find such material damping and increase the flexibility of the standards. And must be carried out in the case of dynamic measurements, this work can not be now, but predicted this material damping effect and increase flexibility. We feel like rubber elastic, but it has much flexibility, not a quantifiable data, are all by feel. Therefore, the function of air-cushioned shoes propaganda only a "concept."