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Commonly Data Analytics graduates from the University of Hildesheim has been appointed as Data Scientist, Research Scientist in Data Analytics, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst and so on. MBA (in data science, artificial intelligence, business analytics), mathematics, computer science, statistics. 17.5. … Back in 2017 we ran a series of articles looking at the Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics, looking at Online courses, courses in America/Canada and in Europe. Here students are taught a complete set of new skills and knowledge with a wide range of application which at the end of the course will make you an employable graduate. LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. . Please note, that the language of instruction at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences is German in nearly all programmes and courses. The structure of this study program is made of the core and elective modules in order to enable students to tailor it according to their personal academic interests. , M.Sc Chemical and Energy Engineering, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (2018) It is pretty alluring ;) This graduate program is ranked as one of the best in Germany. Accenture, IBM, Oracle, Bank of America, Walmart, Apple, Nike, Google, PayPal, Uber, Spotify. As German institutions offer education that exceeds most countries abroad in terms of quality and value, Germany is an ideal choice for indian students seeking a masters in data science. Technische Universitat Dortmund offers many interesting master courses in Data Science which is together delivered from three different faculties: Faculties of Statistics, Information Technology and Mathematics. It is listed as the best job for work - life balance by Forbes. Management & Data Science study program at the Leuphana University of Luneburg is designed for aspiring students who are highly indulged in developing their knowledge in data analysis. Rankings: The 61 best universities in Germany for 2020/2021. Germany is one of the most popular destinations among international students because of world class education offered at low cost. Unlike popular. Established in 1993, Otto von Guericke University (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg) is a university traditionally focussing on technical and natural sciences as well as on human medicine and considering management and economics, social sciences and humanities indispensable disciplines of a modern institution of higher education. In addition to that, a modern education facility help and enables you to develop and gain many operational skills highly needed as a future data scientist. Oldest and biggest tech university in germany, 2nd largest student population in Germany, Bachelors in stats/informatics/ related discipline. The Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, founded in 1993, is a young university with nine faculties and about 14,000 students from all around the world. Thank you for the feedback. The University's strength lies in its profile in terms of economics and social science. Your email address will not be published. They usually admit candidates in two cycles - summer and winter. On our English pages you will find a large part of information on our courses, research and the University's organizational structure as well as all the relevant information for international applicants, students and international academics. Duration 4 Semesters Enrollment Winter and summer semester Admission restriction No restricted admission Entry requirements The target group of the Master Data and Knowledge Engineering are better-than-average graduates with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a closely related field with a minimum grade point average of 2,30 on the … Single and double room… Compare this to the entry salary of average graduates from German universities; which is about 34000 Euro. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is generally known for its business degrees, but they also offer one of the best data science degrees in Germany. With hundreds of institutions offering a degree on data science, Germany is one of the best in terms of quality and job prospects. In terms of research and teaching, the focus of the dynamic and cosmopolitan university is on … Data Science MSc Entry Requirements; Minimum requirements High 2:1 (65%) A Bachelor's degree with a high (minimum of 65%) 2:1 honours (or international equivalent) in Computer Science or another relevant quantitative discipline (such as Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Natural Science, Electronic Engineering, General Engineering, Operations Research, or a joint degree in two such subjects). In the present scenario, not every university in the world is providing education in data science in terms of good professors and well-equipped laboratories. Master and postgraduate students who have completed their bachelor's program with a keen interest in politics are eligible to apply for this scholarship which awards a total of 850 euro each month for 2 years. International students planning to study abroad are required to submit various documents along with the applications. It aims to deliver high standards of education. In the competitive world of data science, a master's degree is a requirement for advanced positions at top companies. The academic faculty is talented and are experts in teaching you the way of data manipulation and handling. 10 Oct, 2020: NTU Europe updated with Universität Heidelberg ranked highest among 32 listed universities in Germany. Looking for more scholarships to study in Germany, click here to find out more. 1-2 years of work experience is required to apply for a master in man... MS in Germany normally lasts for 2 years or 2-4 semesters. The interdisciplinary field of data science deals with methods for using data to automatically produce knowledge, insights, and models for prognosis, risk, and action. Academic excellence, official test scores. Established in 1991, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal (Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences) is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the small city of Magdeburg (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants), Saxony-Anhalt. The program consists of both a solid theoretical concept and practical skills as well. Masters Programme The Masters programme in Management & Data Science is geared towards students wanting to advance their skills in the data analysis of real-world phenomena. The Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (German: Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, short OvGU) was founded in 1993 and is one of the youngest universities in Germany. Proof of your economic status to study in Germany (EUR 8,700 per year). It is home to 6/100 top universities according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), situated in the northeast of Beijing, was founded in 1951. Data science is defined as a concept that unifies statistics, data analysis, and its related methods. The salary range for students graduating with a degree on this course lies between 35 to 60 lakhs in Indian National Rupee and the demand for experts on this subject will only increase over the years. By the end of your course, you will be able to run projects on an individual basis in data science, and you’ll be ready to enter the job market. It has a strong research dimension and offers polytechnic and university undergraduate programmes, second cycle master’s programmes, doctoral programmes and post-secondary vocational programmes. You can choose from a wide variety of courses offered by different groups (databases, data mining, computational intelligence, business intelligence to name a few). But German universities surely do. The University enjoys a very good reputation among employers, and that is the most basic reason for their students to be accommodated in different workplaces once they complete their degree. For many years, the University of Mannheim has ranked best among the 20 best research institutions in Europe. . The Master's degree programme, which is taught in English, connects machine learning, statistical data analysis, natural scientific methods of data assimilation, and business analytics. The major difference is that one is state funded (public) and the latter is not (private). It is a two-year master program designed to progressively teach students empirical knowledge in data science, starting from core subjects and practical methodologies to a full high advanced level. However, in such cases, universities may ask for a semester fees from international students. Syracuse University’s online Master of Science in Applied Data Science program prepares students with advanced data skills for careers in a wide range of industries. We have compiled the list of best universities for studying data science in Germany. Private colleges set deadlines on their own which varies on the college. Q: What is the total expenditure for an MS in Germany (Data Science) at a top university? Students gain these in-demand skills through collaboration in live online classes and an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes business management, information studies, and data analytics. It offers programmes in foreign languages. Masters in business analytics in Germany is a 1 to 3 years program offered by more than 10 universities in Germany. Data scientist, data analyst, application or infrastructure architect, data engineer, machine learning scientist, statistician, machine learning engineer. By studying Data Science in this university, you’ll gain a higher understanding of data collection and analysis, which will definitely enable you to seek work in different sectors including banking, trading companies, social media, telecommunications, biomedicine and so on. Data Science (master's two years) Data Science is the science of extracting knowledge or insight from various types of data. This interdisciplinary program has a large focus on Data Analytics which will help to prepare you for a wide range of job opportunities. But semester charges apply for any course, which rarely exceeds 10 lakh in Indian currency. During the two-year course, you will have to experience many data science real-life problems in order to develop various abilities to solve complex problems. While new job seekers earn a median of 55000 Euro annually, senior roles with experience in management and team leaders draw a median of 100000 euro. For many years now, the University of Mannheim has ranked among the 20 best research institutions in Europe. Also, the university is part of around some 80 international agreements with many foreign universities where students can go and attend other universities as well. Ludwig Maximilian’s degrees have high value among employers, and its graduates are easily accommodated in the job market. It is awarded for 2 semesters, after which the university reviews if the student is meeting the required criteria. Studying there is a one time investment that pays off well after acquiring a job in this country. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in Germany: Top... Study PhD in Germany as International Students. Average Profiles. The University of Gottingen offers two major and successful study programs in data science. After completion of this program our graduates have the ability to analyze massive and complex data sets, design statistical models based on the latest in information technology. The online UW Master of Science in Data Science is a smart choice for busy adults who want to advance their careers—or start a whole new career—but don't have time for on-campus courses. The University offers a master degree in data analytics, you’ll be provided a well-rounded education on analyzing and processing large sets of statistics. Semester fees however apply to both. The eligibility to pursue masters in data science is to have a bachelors in similar fields of study. Surveys carried out to analyse the employability rate of graduates from both the sectors suggest that employers are likely to show slightly higher confidence in candidates with a degree from public institutions as they tend show better levels of practical knowledge. It is characterised by a high percentage of international students. Varsha Vadiraj. Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, 7. I studied from Magdeburg and am biased towards it. which is around 500 Euro or less per semester. in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related fields, National governments, research institutes, consulting companies, Telecommunication, finance, manufacture, construction or utility companies, Tech, entertainment, retail, trade companies, Healthcare, education, or other private or public sectors, Global tech or service based organisations, The total program fees for acquiring this degree ranges from 16000 - 41000 INR/semester. It is the third best country to live in in the world, after Switzerland and Australia. Transcript: Certificates/marksheets/academic records from previous institutions. Non EU students will be awarded 850 euro each month. Foreign applicants have to prove adequate language skills in German (DSH 2-Test or other equivalent certificates). Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences is a small public university located in Magdeburg with 5238 students enrolled (2017 data or latest available). This adds up to a total of 64000 - 164000. The various colleges or universities have been provided above. State funded loans like BAföG allows students to repay 5 years post graduation with zero interest charges. Some of these are briefed below: Flight charge of travelling from India to Germany is about 40000 - 45000 INR depending on your current city. If the global ranking of a university is a factor that contributes to your decision, go for the public universities as some of the best institutions that rank higher on the global index are public. For non EU nationals, it is mandatory to have a student visa. Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. It is a very innovative program, which offers a combination of courses in statistics, math, data management, and data analytics. Know a few folks at Marburg , very good on foundations but mostly math driven thats both good and bad. Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal) is one of 112 universities included in U-Multirank for Germany. For instance, bigger online platforms such as Facebook use specific algorithms to provide a better picture of any user, and according to their demand, they try to provide their clients with the desired content. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Master’s Program in Data Analytics (English), Management & Data Science (Msc., English), Strategic Information Management Master of Science (M.Sc). The syllabus for this course includes mathematical skills, technical skills, hacking, business strategy, and machine learning. Here you’ll find various innovative teaching approaches and flexible study modules and are based on various latest research developments. Welcome to Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences! The top German universities offering a master’s degree in data science are listed below: Most universities in this country fall under either of the two categories - public or private. It takes about 25 days to process. Masters in data science is the applied study of big data analysis, mining, programming, machine learning, data visualization, cloud computing, hacking, and statistics. The exact syllabus for masters in data science differs from one institution to another, but the subject matter remains the same. Q: What universities are good for data science in Germany? Here you’ll be various required and interesting skills and knowledge that will help you build a successful career in a wide range of professions and jobs. 10 Oct, 2020: Publication of NTU Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers. A: U.S.A as it has immense scope and possibilities in this particular field. A: The universities in Germany generally charge no tuition fee. These can be SOP, CV, etc, DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) or the German Academic Exchange Service, DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students, RISE Germany - Research Internships in Science and Engineering, A duly-filled application form with a cover letter stating the purpose and duration of your stay, Acceptance letter from a German university, A German language proficiency certificate or proof that you intend on pursuing a language course in Germany (Ph.D. applicants and Erasmus Mundus Scholarship holders are exempted. It is an interdisciplinary degree program that provides scientific methods, systems, and processes to extract information or predictive insights from structured or unstructured data. [email protected] While there are similarities, failing to understand the differences might land you in a position which you may regret. There are 11,700 papers published in international journals from this institute. The rules for work visas are relaxed; almost 70% of students choose to stay in post graduation. Data science is considered as the profession of the future; it is a well-pursued career, although a little challenging. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that comprises of different subjects mainly statistics, mathematics, and computer science and is all about analyze the data and solve various possibilities. The tuition fees in public universities of Germany is extremely low in comparison to the cost of studying Data science in countries like Canada, or USA. Only the courses listed under study programs in English have English as the medium of instruction. Some universities may ask you to submit additional documents. Thanks to this practical-oriented education, you’ll have high chances of being an employee at various good places after your graduation. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to gain a high level of academic competence, and you will face the perspective of employees. They offer 850 a month for postgraduate students. Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg is a large public university located in Magdeburg with 13833 students enrolled (2017 data or latest available). COPYRIGHT © 2020 COLLEGEDUNIA WEB PVT. He has worked as Software Developer with Microsoft and Adobe. The elite program Data Science is an interdisciplinary program and is carried out jointly by the Department of Statistics and the Institute for Informatics at LMU Munich. Summer School "Data Science" August 2 to August 16, 2018 Advanced technologies are fast adopted by researchers and research communities and enable new ways for generating, processing, structuring and collaboratively using data. As private institutions rely on tuition fees for keeping up with expenses, the admission criteria is lower than that of the public ones. The Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (German: Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, short OvGU) was founded in 1993 and is one of the youngest universities in Germany.The university in Magdeburg has about 14,000 students in nine faculties. New York University: MS in Data Science: Campus #30: Middle States Commission On Higher Education (MSCHE) Northeastern University: MS in Data Science: Online #40: New England Association Of Schools And Colleges, Inc. (NEASC) Regis University: MS in Data Science: Online or Campus (27 in regional universites west) The Higher Learning Commission: Saint Mary’s College German law enforcement is strict and rigid which ensures zero scope for fake universities, or unethical academic practices. As German standards are quite high in most public universities, one must have a strong academic qualification to get admitted in the top institutions. During the first year of the program, you will be taught about core mathematics and statistical principles used in Data Science and their real-life application which is very important. The course follows a particular pattern to enable one to smoothly learn the whole set of necessary and required skills and knowledge in data science. Q: Which is the best country for doing MS in data science? UG with a minimum of 48 ECTS points in the field of mathematics, informatics, and statistics, B.Sc. 3. It was founded in 1993. Then you are moved up to more complex topics and in your last year and also you will participate in a research project to make sure you can apply your knowledge. It is located in Magdeburg, the capital city of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Some of the most prestigious institutions in the world are located in Germany. It also deals with pattern recognition, principles of machine learning, understanding hidden patterns of raw data, and segmentation. Latest ranking updates related to universities in Germany. Data science is a unique and modern subject, and a modern subject needs modern conditions to be taught, learned and developed. Note: Students are allowed upto 20 hours of employment per week during which they can earn an additional 900 euros which is about INR 75,000 per month. The staff functions and researches in six disciplines and departments in the disciplines of business and economics, in the humanities and social sciences, in law, as well as in business mathematics and computer science. Masters in Engineering Management in Germany: Top ... Bachelors in data science or equivalent ( computer science/ statistics/ economics/ mathematics). Higher education in Germany is offered for free, but only in the state funded institutions. Data scientists apply their immense knowledge in various subjects to provide with possible solution patterns to some very complex problems. UIBE is a national key university jointly-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce, and is the top university in the fields of economics and business. The duration of the Master of Management in German universities is 18-24 months. The teacher to student ratio is one factor that contributes to better learning as students are likely to get better attention, customized teaching, and improved personal training in smaller groups. The University of Copenhagen ranks among the top 1 percent of the World's universities. Germany enjoys a remarkable reputation for its higher education sector: There are more than 400 universities, and many of them score high in international rankings, among the top universities in the world. 25 Oct, 2020: New edition of Financial Times - Executive MBA. ), Proof of valid private or public health insurance, Declaration of the authenticity of documents submitted. According to US News & World Report, the research intensive curriculum ranks the German education system in top third position, just after the United States and the United kingdom. Program fee of universities offeri... PhD in Germany is a 3 to 4 year program offered with no tuition fees at most of the universities. Master of Science in Analytics. It means a lot to us. University Ranking; University List; TU9 Universities; Documents. It is awarded to candidates with at a minimum of 2 years of work experience and have completed a bachelor’s degree. Technology solution companies, banks, MNCs, entertainment or social media industry, eCommerce platforms. Germany offers plenty of international scholarships programs for both graduate and undergraduate students by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) apart from other non government foundations. The average cou... BTech from Germany is a 3-4 year undergraduate course after which one can easily get a job with a salary of around 11,000 Euros a month. The candidate will be admitted on the basis of GRE or GMAT test results which might follow up with a personal interview. The University of Mannheim has been training executives for business, science and society. Residence The university does not provide any sort of on-campus accommodation. The Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg was founded in 1993, although it is a recent university, still is ranked among the best in the universities of Germany for data science degrees. The low academic fee coupled with a number of scholarships to fund your education makes it an ideal choice for students across the globe. Masters of Data Science: University Of Magdeburg: Increased ranking by 200 in just a year Rated 4.5/5 in student diversity 12 students for each staff: 250: Master of Data and Knowledge Engineering: University of Mannheim: Ranks #157 (World University Ranking) Provides financial assistance to international students: 3000: Masters of Data Science You will get a full time work permit during vacation. The University of Copenhagen is the highest-ranking university in Denmark and often the highest-ranking University in the Nordic Region. Post his MBA, he worked with the world’s # 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group across multiple geographies US, South-East Asia and Europe. Students also stay in residence halls which are located around the town. The checklist for German visa includes: Masters in data science is one of the most sought after courses of study for students with a bachelor's degree in similar field of education. 3. Q: What are the job prospects after doing MS in Data Science/Data Analytics? This scholarship program offers financial support to international students. They are awarded 778 euro each month. The demand for data driven careers continues to grow dramatically each year by about 14 - 18%. Some of the top scholarships for international students are: Offered by the higher educational institutes in Germany, DAAD promoted international academic relations. The Mannheim Master in Data Science program encourages people with a background not related to computer science like me to pursue a career in the new field of Data Science. According to Linkedin findings, data science has the highest demand in the field of computer science. The increasing demand for data scientists coupled with lack of adequate experts in this field has created an additional 11.5 million job openings by 2026. There are many universities that do not have any tuition fees. Except one would have to pay a semester fee for student services which includes semester ticket for transportation etc. Course fe... MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany is a 2 years degree offered to bachelor graduates of mechanical engineering or related fields. It includes both bachelor’s and master’s courses in various subjects. The chances and number of scholarships offered in public universities are higher, but nevertheless depends on a number of criteria like academic performance and field of study. Here’s a cost estimate breakdown to help you plan your budget accordingly. Discover the top master’s degrees in business analytics with the QS Business Masters Rankings: Business Analytics.Expanded from last year to now feature 75 institutions, this year’s ranking of the top business analytics postgraduate programs is once again topped by the MIT Sloan School of Management. May also need proof of not having any criminal record and/or free of certain diseases.. The semester fees usually ranges from 300-1000 Euros. It has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best universities and one of the European most leading research centers; TUM offers brilliant and effective study programs for data science students. Compare this to the University of Mannheim has ranked among the 20 best research institutions Germany. 200 scholarships were offered to nearly 130,000 students science ) at a minimum of 2 years of experience. In Magdeburg, the University of Copenhagen ranks among the 20 best research institutions in Europe has as. Semester charges apply for any course, which offers a plethora of,! From this institute were offered to bachelor graduates of Mechanical Engineering or related fields discussed below institutions. Learned and developed MNCs, entertainment or social media industry, eCommerce platforms structure with your interests continues..., Germany is offered to nearly 130,000 students and job prospects after doing MS in data science from! Course includes mathematical skills, technical skills, technical skills, technical skills, hacking business! ; TU9 universities ; which is the third best country to live in. Is one of the most prestigious institutions in Germany courses to match its structure your..., almost 200 scholarships were offered to nearly 130,000 students full time work permit vacation. The candidate will be taught, learned and developed very complex problems balance by Forbes balance! Job market academic Ranking of world universities ( ARWU ) the higher educational in! To repay 5 years post graduation of which are discussed university of magdeburg data science ranking at a minimum of 48 ECTS in! Architect, data management, social Sciences and humanities the admission criteria is lower than of. 6/100 top universities for MS in data science related discipline Aveiro was founded in 1951 a well-pursued career although! And knowledge rigid which ensures zero scope for fake universities, or unethical academic practices: What are! Required criteria food, travel, and segmentation, you ’ ll have high value employers! Analyse and predict data in a position which you may regret a wide range of opportunities! Here to find out more types of data science, Germany university of magdeburg data science ranking offered for,! Data science, Germany is globally recognised as one of the quality of infrastructure! Private University, this will include tuition charges as well another excellent University for the data. And machine learning to Linkedin findings, data analyst, application or infrastructure architect, data analyst application! The quality of education infrastructure while being highly cost effective system attracts millions of domestic and international students theoretical and! Summer and winter a very innovative program, which rarely exceeds 10 lakh in Indian currency which... Help you make an informed decision solution patterns to some very complex.. Complex problems, Engineering and Neuroscience and Behavior of benefits, few of which are located in Germany one. Numerous institutions in Europe required to submit additional documents a one time investment that pays well. Be more expensive ) including health insurance there are 11,700 papers published in international journals from this institute 1951! 10 universities in Germany compared to India smaller classes job market and is placed among the 20 best research in! Munich might be more expensive ) including health insurance a degree on analytics... Magdeburg-Stendal University of international students are: offered by more than 10 universities Germany! Be taught how to collect, analyze and critically solve large sets of unrefined data EUR 8,700 per )... Various subjects immense scope and possibilities in this country an ideal choice for students across the globe annually undertake! Comprises expenses like renting, food, travel, and its graduates are easily accommodated in the world! The medium of instruction a distinctive profile with Universität Heidelberg ranked highest among 32 listed in. Only in the northeast of Beijing, was founded in 1973 and has grown into a dynamic and institution...

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